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Shopping list part 2, chassis, extras and storage

Case fans

A 120mm NoiseBlocker MultiFrame S-Series M12-PS PWM, max 23dB
Driven directly off the motherboards CPU fan header
One 80mm NoiseBlocker MultiFrame S-Series M8-P PWM, max 17dB and one NoiseBlocker MultiFrame S-Series M8-S1, max 6dB
Front fans driven off the motherboard through a Gelid PWM splitter

The chassis

Fractal Design Node 304
Compact case for ITX
Space for normal ATX PSU
Accommodate up to 6 harddrives

Inside of case will be covered in AcoustiPack[/URL] ULTIMATE PC Soundproofing Kit (APU) triple layer foam


OS drive:
Plextor M3 SSD 64GB

Clone Drives:
1pcs. Hitachi Deskstar 5k3000 3TB
1pcs. Integral Xcel USB3 stick 64GB

Data drives:
2pcs. Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 2TB

NZXT sleeved LED[/URL]s for internal light

Sata cables
3pcs. round Akasa SATA III and 1pcs. angled Akasa SATA III black cables.

Finishing touch:
3M Di-NOC CA-421 Carbon fiber vinyl

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