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Carefully planning

I am among many things a Google SKetchUp geek, so whenever I see fit to play around with some 3D drawings I do it.

Before I ordered everything I was wondering if the humongous CPU cooler could actually fit?
Thing is that at this time the chassis had not yet come on the market, so nobody had exact measurements and I had to do with what I could see from various forum pics and Fractals website.

According to the info I had, then yep, no problems!

Actually I made a little discovery when drawing, because I had originally planned on using a USB3/SATA III controller card, to maximise throughput compared to the SATA II ports on the motherboard.
Problem is the width of the CPU cooler and the width of the motherboard:

The card would not be able to fit next to the cooler, so had to ditch that plan. Hooray for SketchUp!

Here we jump a little in time until two weeks ago, that's when I decided how to use my disc drives in the most optimum way.

Due to very limited space in my chassis I was only able to fit in 2x2TB+1x3TB+64GB+64GB.

As in, one primary data drive of 2TB, run in RAID0 with the second drive also of 2TB, but partitioned into 2x1.5TB and 2x0.5TB were the remaining 0.5TB partitions run in RAID1 for TimeMachine of the 64GB OS SSD. The OS SSD is then cloned once a day to an external 64GB USB3 stick and the RAID0 2x1.5TB drives are cloned twice a day to the 3TB drive.

Covers data corruption due to the time machine, covers drive failure due to the clones and also already have a brand new 2TB spare drive in original box laying on itís shelf here at home for the event one of the 2TB drives gives up.

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