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Who am I?

For those who might be wondering, yes I am not your typical moder.
I don't mod every day and all the time, but I do have some experience in the field.

I have one of the fastest Mac Mini Mid-2012 models still in use, using it as my HTPC.
A big reason for it being one of the fastest is not it's DDR1866 memory or it's 2.7GHz Core i7 processor, no it is it's two Intel 520 series 240GB SSDs bought as soon as they came on the market!

Setup in RAID1 for ultimate read speeds and silent data protection when I don't attach my little noisy TIme Machine drive or Clone drives (I have also used it in RAID0 were it could read/write close to 500/1000MB/s!).

Before that I turned my Magic Trackpad and Apple Keyboard black, with a vinyl cover and a iSKin ProTouch overlay, not rally much of a mod but people notice it when they come by.

Before that I wanted to bring my extended FLAC collection of music with me on the go, so re-build an old broken (white) iPod Color to use flash memory for less jittter, longer battery life, less weight and filled it with RockBox to play FLAC files.

I am also the guy behind one of the only Sonos ZP120 Connect Amps in black!

I have on more than one occasion spoken to people from Sonos and they all know it but did not know it was me who did it.

I also rebuild an PSP to make it white/chrome. Even the screen had foil that showed up as a mirror when the screen was off and let the light from the screen pass trough when it was on.

Lastly my first mod is maybe my best known, I build a black Mac Mini 2010 server edition!

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