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Originally Posted by morgansk View Post
Your Dad's a lucky chap. I wonder if I could coax my son into making me something (other than a mess to clear up).
Thanks morgansk, it's tolerance pay for doing the same lol.

Originally Posted by dream1 View Post
Stunning work m8 !!!
Thanks dream.

Originally Posted by AnG3L View Post
You my friend, you are seriously addicted to modding!!! Nice to see you again buddy with another project!! Keep on going!!!
I am a bit thanks Alex, good to have you subscribing mate & will do.

Originally Posted by ShinyAli View Post
A change is as good as a rest, as they say, good to see you back and using that damn scroll saw again (not much envious of that 30" beast )
Your fan designs and marble buttons are becoming a real trademark of your builds, it's great when a design works so well that you want to use it on future builds and you know that it will work and can usually make them quicker when you've made a few, lovely work as usual
Thanks Shiny.
Just hope it doesn't accidentally turn into a Get a Life type project where it was intended to be a quick project but took a lot longer to cram obscene awesomeness into it, I'm hoping for no more than a week to do this but waiting on deliveries if anything will be what delays it.

The saw is a beauty but still requires a fair bit of patience depending on what I'm doing, I can do up to 2mm 1 handed now which is nice being able to eat a sandwich while cutting pieces lol.
The solid IO pieces, marble buttons & custom fan frames are going to be a must have thing in all my scratch builds now & I like the way I have this fan mounted, gives more internal space while making a plain flat panel pop out to give it a more interesting look, won't be the last time I do that neither.

Originally Posted by Canardwc View Post
Now, you are the god of SAWS!! Very nice cuts!
Following your new project
Thanks Canard.

Originally Posted by Mosquito View Post
I think instead of paying to have anything laser cut, I'll just hire you to do it
Thanks Mosquito.
That homer grill, I want to try it just to see if I can do it without it warping all over the place, it's definitely an extreme challenge if I go for the 1mm thick lines, 2mm I believe I could do but 1mm I'd like to find out.

1mm Day & I skipped posting last night.

Drilling with a clamped aluminium flat bar with 3mm holes pre drilled into it for perfect targeting.


Peeled, just need the 4 rod pieces & to fix a fan inside to complete this fan.

IO pieces but they are twins, they shouldn't be, the main rear IO hole is meant to have a 2mm smaller diameter to the acrylic & external hole, so even with printing your designs, the same old rule applies of measure before marking lol, I'll re-make the wrongly done piece along with the wonky curve front 3mm piece & also make very sure I take off the wrong acrylic guide & put the right one on, that would have made a time consuming mistake.

Back to 2 of the 3mm strips I cut & drilled on last session, had to drill mill 1mm depth for the SSD tray so it sits flush to the strips, it's not perfect but not bad at all considering it's not a mill.

Didn't take shots of me bending the strips but I placed them in the vice & used a chunky piece of aluminium to bend them to shape so the bits I wanted to stay straight stayed straight, slight problem with the bends though, in the design they are more of a round curve rather than sharp bends so it's about 1 to 2mm stretched out too long, I'll work it out though & the bends line up with the guide I printed, I'll just have to extend the screw holes on 1 end into a line & grind some of the end down or relocate the front mount points to the right distance & grind the excess off.

Not sure how long sank into this session, didn't keep tabs on it so I'd have to take a wild guess, call it 5 hours lol which brings me up to 21 so far, probably another 20 if including the design part & so far I'll be re-making 2 pieces which I'll include on my next session along with the bar pieces & acrylic sticking because the adhesive came today, had to order some 5mm aluminium rod though so hopefully that will get here this week.

Ordered some bits for experimenting with surface finishing too, may or may not work out how I'd love it to but I'll post my findings either way when I try it out on scraps, if it works though it'll be a pretty sweet addition for finishing choices in modding for people on a budget &/or don't like to outsource.
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