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I think I've become too old for games...

Hello there fellow "bit-techs".

I've reached the age of 35 last year and I'm starting to feel less and less attracted by computer-games. And it's not that I'm not interested in games in general anymore - I'm still reading/posting in gameforums, but nothing really peaks my interest anymore.

I've started playing PC/console games in the early 80's, when I got my first C64, and since then I've played atleast two or three new games per year. Especially in the early and mid 90's, when the first FPS (DooM, Quake, UT, DN3d) and RTS (C&C, Civilisation) were developed. Good old times remembering the hours I've played these games.
Since then I've played racing-games/sims alot, as steeringwheels became more available and advanced, aswell as space-shooters due to 3d-joysticks etc. Basically I've played everything back then.

Starting around the year of 2000 I've become more and more a fan of MMORPGs, as it wasn't the time anymore for LAN-parties, and internet-gaming started to grow due to better and more affordable connections.
I've still played other games tho, and still bought a few new games every year.

Until 2010 I've not played that much anymore tho, as every new game is basically just the same old, same old. I still played MMORPGs and FPS tho, as the friends played them. I even bought GT5 and a new steering-wheel as soon as it became available, but after I finished the A and B-spec I never touched it again and my PS3 started covering dust until I was invited to the Dust514-beta.

Now, in 2013 I'm looking through forums and release-lists and I can't get myself to play anything. Even MMORPGs are not that interesting anymore, as they're all dumbed down copies of the early days. Need to say that I've played EvE Online for 7 years (2004-2011), and basically tried every other MMORPG since 2001. The only other MMORPGs I've played for longer then some three month tho were AO (1y), DAoC (2y) and WoW (6mo).

The last games I've played now were TSW and Borderlands 2, but I stopped playing them around christmas, when everyone was busy otherwise, and after the holidays were over I couldn't get myself to play them again.
The only game I've played since christmas was Tiger Woods PGA 2012 on the iPad. And that was because of boredom, while staying at my grandmothers for a weekend.

So, is it really me and my age. Am I burnt out, or is the current landscape of games just that awful?

I've bought a guitar now and learn playing it in my sparetime, but I'm not quiet there to say goodbye to games alltogether.

When the time comes that I really don't feel to play games anymore, then the first thing I'll do is to throw away my current GPU and build a way smaller rig, as I don't really need a powerful GPU for anything else I do. A small halfheight GT640 or 7750 with 2GB is more then enough to accelerate Photoshop actually, even for larger psd-files (some 2-300MB on the disk).

What about you. Do you feel to old for games yourself? Did you start other hobbies or did you even ditch your hardware for something more reasonable and small allready?
...and allways remember, that the world is an orange!

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