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Visaton Vox 80 - desktop speakers | assmebly and testing

Hello there.

I'm not building that much stuff anymore and rather go with stock-components. Allthough I used to build a new PC-case every other year before.

Anyways, as my pair of Cerwin Vega XD3 died a few weeks ago, and I'm currently using a cheap backup system (Labtec Pulse 285 2.1 for 20) I decided to build me some nice speakers.

I'm a music-addict and allways listen to music everywhere I go, and the first thing I do after booting up my PC is to launch foobar firing up some tunes.
So I searched a few shops in the interwebs for some new speakers, only to find out, that nothing really matches what I was looking for - i.e. some nice and small 2-3way stereo-speakers.
I'm not really a fan of those 2.1 or surround-systems as I'm only listening to music really, and music is still best enjoyed in pure 2.0.

So, it came down to buying a new pair of Cerwin Vega XD3 or some AudioPro Addon Five, which are both some 160-190 here in Finland.

I thought that for that money I could aswell look elsewhere and maybe build some high quality speakers on my own, and I soon stumbled upon the Visaton Vox 80. Allthough the Vox 80 don't come with an integrated amp I thought about giving it a shot and simply pair the speakers with a mini-amp like the Scythe Kama Amp Kro, which seems quiet suitable.

My original plan was to modify the speakers like so, original to the left, modified to the right...

Little bit less tall, and a bit wider. Volumes stay the same, but the speakers get a lower center of mass to increase stability, when you accidently shake the desk or whatever.
Talking to more experienced people in various forums I found out, that this was possible to do without totally wrecking the sound of the speakers.

I changed my mind tho, when I built a cardboard-model of the speakers. The cardboard-model has very good stability allready, allthough it's very lightweight. The real speakers will weigh some 1.5 kg. Additionally, after having the cardboard-model sitting on my desk next to my screen, I grow fond of the dimensions, as the speakers are basically exactly in the horizontal middle of my screen.

So I fired up SketchUp loaded a model of a screen and started thinking about the design of the speakers design and colour.

As my hole desk is black and silver this is what I came up with...

So. The speakers and the amp are being shipped as we speak, and I'll go get some 10mm MDF from my carpenter within the next few days. I won't do alot of cutting besides the holes tho, but let my carpenter cut the MDF in the right dimensions.
The frontplate will be made of 1.5mm aluminum, which I've got lying around. I'll be brushing the frontplate and give it a layer of clearcoat afterwards.
I decided to add a frontplate, as the midtone speakers would've to be glued to the chassis, which I'm not quiet happy with, so the frontplate will hold these in place instead.

See you, when I got some materials to start with this project.

EDIT: I got bored and fooled around a bit...

...and allways remember, that the world is an orange!

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