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Originally Posted by SchizoFrog View Post
As the focus from hardware manufacturers continues to be towards taking small performance steps forwards while leaping forward with regards to power draw and TDP, I can see over the lifespan of the next gen consoles we will have micro sized units that will actually outperform the consoles, be cheaper to build with, offer far more features and also come in for a cheaper all round price.
If you are not a professional using high end PC hardware or an extreme game gaming at resolutions far and beyond that of 1080p then I see the next 2 years being very, very interesting indeed.
I agree. I have played about with Pi and my android phone docked to my monitor and they really make my desktop look like some kind of antique.

I have my Pi set up as a NAS / VPN / DLNA server but I'd like something with a bit more power like the Odroid but this Intel NUC looks more interesting still.

Practically every electronics device is a mini-pc these days so interesting times it is!
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