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Originally Posted by damien c View Post
I would want to get one of those SLI Bridges.
Same here. Just the bridge, nothing else.

Originally Posted by Dave Lister View Post
"GeForce GTX 780 or GTX Titan graphics boards in at keast two-way scan-line interleave" - least ?

I think most people with a budget which could buy one of these would likely be enthusiasts who would prefer to build there own system. I just can't see it working out.
It could work out: PC gaming is becoming an increasingly large market, and other gamers are getting older/don't have as much time to build high-end rigs anymore.. How else would these boutique vendors be surviving if they didn't have a market?

Also, SLI - Scalable Link Interface. Old-school SLI hasn't been used since the old 3Dfx days.
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