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Disclosing the R&D backend of FSP Aurumís MIA ICTM

FSP News Release
Released by:FSP Brand Marketing Dept.
Date: April 13, 2011

Disclosing the R&D backend of FSP Aurumís MIA ICTM

The Start of MIA

Through the years of research and development process, the original patented technology MIA IC TM Technology (Multiple Intelligence Ability) was unveiled. The combination of the Active-clamp topology and MIA IC is the perfect solution for a stable, eco-friendly and long Ėlife Power Supply Unit. FSP R&D Team is always on the roll to strive for better quality and creating green innovation for you.

MIA IC TM Technology (Multiple Intelligence Ability) is the very first IC with unique multi-function combinationĖ PWM, ZCS PFC, Post SR, Active Clamp, Double-circuited OVP that provides ultimate performance & highest protection to your system. This new innovation makes power supplies compact in size, high in efficiency and maximum protections. (OVP, UVP, OCP, SCP, OPP)

Benefits of implementing FSP MIA IC
With the implementation of FSPís own patented MIA IC Technology, two major breakthroughs are achieved on PSU design. First, by implementing this patented control IC plus the mature Active Clamp topology, we are able to realize Zero Current Switching and thus efficiency was improved tremendously on AC-DC power conversion. Therefore, less energy is converted and wasted as heat. Higher reliability of a PSU is reached with AURUMís high efficiency design, since heat is the No.1 killer of a PSU. Most important of all, higher efficiency provides you the benefit of saving money on electricity bill.

Moreover, PFC, PWM, Stand-by, and Synchronous rectifying are integrated within MIA IC Technology and its supporting circuitries. It makes it possible to use fewer components. And this fact contributes greatly to reduced air resistance within a PSU. Air flow through components has never been easier and smoother.

About FSP
Founded in 1993, FSP is the top 5 largest manufacturer of power supplies. As a leading manufacturer with over 15 years experience in designing products, FSP has over 250 products certified as 80Plus Ė more than any other manufacturer in the world. FSP has a strong commitment to quality and the environment. FSP is listed on Taiwan Stock under ticker 3015

For more information, please visit
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What's a Dremel?
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