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Possible new build, advice and suggestion - whats possible?

Right, slightly different request here as i know more what i want to do than how to do it, but hope you can help me work out the options

TBC depending on functions (see uses) but want to be economical on parts decisions as my main rig can cope with mostanything I might throw at it!

Main uses of intended build:
Quiet and low power Home entertainment. I want to try and centralise as much of my home entertainment arrangements (except pc gaming) as I can and also have access to movies and music remotely if possible via work xp laptop, android phone and android tablet.
I currently have virgin hd cable, a sky box used for free view occasionally, a ps3 used mainly for DVD and Blueray playback, and a DVD player with 2.1 sound (dvd no longer works) which handles all the audio. I'd like to get rid of the dvd player if I could route audio somehow through a pc. Possible?
The pc would be used for central storage of movies and music, playback on hdtv of these and internet tv, streaming to internet or over internal gigabit lan/wireless n.
I'd like to also use it as a file server. Don't expect to ever switch it off, or would need remote wake up and power on from remote control.

Parts required: all but monitor, keyboard and mouse, but after setup, want to operate the unit mainly with a remote control - poss android phone?

Previous build information (list details of parts):n/a

Monitor resolution: hdtv

Storage requirements: pretty substantial, thinking a few large hdd in raid but very open to suggestions as not very familiar with raid

will you be overclocking: No

Any motherboard requirements (no. of USB, Xfire/SLI, fan headers):

Extra information about desired system: needs to be fairly compact, ideally cube chassis or htpc chassis

I think thats all the main info, sorry this is a slightly unusual build post but hope that you guys can help me, or tell me if I should just give up and buy a nas and a new audio system, though that decision would not be purely financial as I want a new project

Thanks in advance for any options, suggestions or any other form of constructive advice
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