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What's a Dremel?
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Folding on ARM?

Ok, this is probably another very naive question so I'm sorry and plead ignorance!

I note that ARM processors are highly threaded, but relatively slow in terms of Mhz. however, given that the same thing also applies to a GPU (maybe 1.1Ghz versus a CPU running 4+cores at near 4Ghz) I wondered if we could make use of say, a linux cloud server sat on ARM architecture to fold with, and what the results would look like? Has anyone tried it?

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Well you are talking about the principle of micro-servers. So the theory is exactly what ARM is banking on!

In practice - first thought is that ARM isn't x86 (yet) so it won't support the architecture - although CPC did talk about an interface layer that would allow it to run....

Personally, I don't know!
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