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What's a Dremel?
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Project "Steamboy"

Well, this is going to take some time, I think. But I have to.

If anyone is interested in how it all started:
I decided to watercool my existing rig, however being (relatively) short on money and needing a better case than my current Antec900 I asked crazy in my head what should I do. Crazy said build a wall mounted pc... (Antec is a brilliant case for air cooling, but defo not for water...)

At the moment I'm heavily into reading logs, researching parts and ways to mount things in non-traditional ways (as in "not in a case"). Also planning actual physical layout of parts on the canvas.

Situation as it stands now:
The build will be steam punk themed, after I figure out and build a layout, to a working order. I have set myself a limit of canvas of 800x600 millimeters, haven't decided if horizontal or vertical orientation. Canvas will be wood, most likely solid, not MDF, to be sourced from local craftsmen.

My layouts as of today (WIP, all relative sizes are correct of my things in the box right now):

I'm leaning towards vertical one, but that will probably necessitate in extending some PSU cables (modular).

The upper right corner is reserved to biggest steampunk feature - vacuum tube clock, which will come at a later date.

Power cables, and maybe some data cables will be routed under the canvas.

The whole thing then will be covered with a semi mirror plexi, that will only show things that are lit (at least the idea is now, will see if it changes to clear perspex). I am not enclosing it completely, just the front. Power/reset/usb to be mounted either on the front plexi, or on something that is just under the plexi, and cut a hole for it. Rads to be flush with plexi, fans inside in pull config.

For now I have loads upon loads of questions.

1. How does one mount a motherboard onto wooden base? Are there such things as standoffs that screw into wood and are topped with a thread for m3 screws? Other way is to drill holes slightly smaller than standoffs, put some glue in and hammer them into the holes. Long standoffs, to leave good gap for lighting maybe.

2. What kind of reservoir to use? I'm looking at something that goes right on top of D5 is in cylindrical shape, maybe with fountain effect ? Led lighting ? (Will be using variable speed D5)

3. How to support the weight of two gtx480 cards with heatkiller blocks on them? I don't want to have an ugly piece of some old case sticking out...

4. Fittings/tubing. I have to make the whole thing as flat as the highest point on motherboard, which is top of a graphics card. Bendy tubing? or loads of 90deg fittings? Prefer latter but it will probably cost excessively, plus restriction increase? Also, I'm going for clear tubing at this moment.

Questions will come as I plan. Will not start the actual build until EVERYTHING has been planned and part purchased - it is my work(game?)station... Cant be down for too long...

All suggestions regarding aesthetics must have steampunky aspect.
And any suggestions on technical stuff of course must be functional...

Thanks for reading. Will update as I go...
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