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this was my personal rig, i ran it in my living room as my htpc gaming and workstation. i had a 48" tv and two 22" monitors hooked up to it. wireless everything it was sweet. i never really fall off from modding, but after this build was up and running, a lot of things came up and i kinda fell off. about a year or so ago blu2bit was destroyed. case had several major cracks and most of the guts were fried. it was sad. how? well that leads to a much longer story that can be skipped. fixable? yeah but i moved on. got up and running with even better hardware, and i have 100% custom liquid cooling system planned for it. things workout

here the pics i have of it and a short summary of the work went into it. the work did go on i changed the intake vents (cut out and replaced) the power and reset buttons, ect,ect but this pc was totally lost. major cracks and fried hardware. did keep salvage the plexi for other things though.

Ok i this case years back for a few dollars it was a really good deal.

Had a p3 board that got pulled. it came with 2 blue led fans that i kept. The first thing i did was pull it all apart and sand it down (1000, 1500, 2000 grit) and buff it out with compound , then added a couple of neon lights and i built my first hd cage. This cage was scraped and replaced with a tool-less acrylic hd bay

i changed a couple of things with the psu.

later i replace both psu fans with clear led ones.

a lot of leds are in this thing, along 2 mini neon tube, a sound reactive neon tube, and a couple of led bars so in came the junction box with 2 on/off switches to control the all but the fan lights

like everything else the dvd drive had to match.

it came together very well

and that's the end of the story of blu2bitz. as always thanks for looking.
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