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Carbon fiber on S340 elite

Why (Yssssssss)

It was black n white because i like it and my friend loves it so just like the last h440 bam bam bam
The case was perfect just we needed a lil more black to fit our tastes. Love the CF texture and the biggest reason for using carbon fiber is that spray cans here really really suck so CF FTW.
Most of the motherboard tray will be covered by a motherboard but if m doing it why not do the whole thing :P

What are the future plans for this case
White pastel fluid ( I think that explains most of it) Rest is even unknown to me atm

Lets get started
And i love the scent of new stuff. The moment a new box is opened u know the scent of shopper, cardboard even those thermopol safety foam smell smellís good.

Also love to open new stuff boxes ( Being honest i love even opening used stuff parcels too ).

And i m really curious about the accessories that are given, those small boxes are fun too.

BTW the above lines dont belong to Lets get started

I will keep silent for the rest of the thread. But your input will always be welcomed.

And your ideas matter too ( Dont look here and there i am talking to you reader ! )

Also i reply to pretty much every comment so dont hesitate if you have a question regarding any of the stuff done.

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nzxt, s340 elite. white

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