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Use video capture card as oscilloscope?

Just as the title says.
I know about using a sound card as an oscilloscope, but they're limited to 20kHz; a video capture card can easily attain at least 1MHz.
Any programs for it (can be for Windows 2000 or Linux)?
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i think it's interesting how those 8$ scan converters on ebay that convert 1080i to ntsc ,,,seem like they would have to have 3 8bit 50mhz flash ad converters in them that must feed a 640x480 raster made of 307.2k bytes x24 and a 3.58mhz counter that counts up the memory slowly converts it to ntsc.. now i guess you could use a loss-less codec app that creats an editable live stream , like movymaker or wme to record that with a nice full speed vid cap device then you could read it like a scope.. but you would have to at least put a composite into the green to make it sync on green then you could feed analog into the red and blue inputs. is that making any sense? you could slowly analyse the 50 mhz and detect repetitive peaks at 50mhz even though it would be erased 5 times before you could process it and render the oscillograph ,, but thats ok because thats the nature of repetitive peaks
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