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8 Pin extension change

Hi, just trying on here as it's out of hours on the off chance someone sees it before tomorrow morning, when I will call the shop anyway to see about this issue (I work nights, so quite awkward doing things during business hours)

I bought the following yesterday LN49002 -
as my power supply isn't quite long enough to go behind the MB tray and back over in my new Enthoo Pro case. However, the left hand 4- in of my PSU cable only goes half way into the female end of the above cable. The right hand 4-pin goes all the way in no problem. I can't see any bent pins on either the extension or the PSU cable, and after it wouldn't fit into the extension I re-routed it back over the GPU and it plugs straight into the MB no problem, so I feel the extension is the issue.

If I bring it back can you exchange it for another?


Also on the same order, I bought a 6-pin extension cable (wrongly) for my GPU whilst having a brain fart, only to realise when I got home I needed a second 8-pin extension. The 8-pin and 6-pin extensions are the same price; I haven't opened the 6-pin packaging, would I be able to do a straight swap for another 8-pin extension?

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