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What's a Dremel?
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RMA Issue


Bought a sapphire NITRO+ RX 480, however after 9 days I experienced a fault with the graphics card, which i shrugged off for just a glitch.

2 days later the same problem occurred, now I started to think something isn't right, after the second time I checked to see if there was drivers released, there was, so I updated the drivers, the next two days the same problem occurred. (4 Total)

The fault I experienced was the graphics card fans were spinning full & no video signal to the monitor, to fix this issue I had to perform a hard reboot each time.

The computer was running desktop, no screen saver, monitor switched off, uploading torrents (minimised to show desktop) GPU for most part is sitting idle.

Now some customers who own a RX480 might have had an issue with the fans randomly spinning up full speed and have had to restart their computer to fix that problem and AMD have addressed this issue on their latest released drivers for the RX480.

I have maybe an idea that the card is triggering itself that its over heating for some reason and shutting the video signal off and spinning the fans full speed.

So I had a chat with scan live chat and explained the problem to a fella and he said "sounds like a fault" so I got a RMA 403052.

I messaged scan to explain the issue I was experiencing, got no reply back...

"In any case where the goods fail to meet your expectations we invite you to return them to us with an explanation of the problem."

Test was carried out; "card tested for 3 days running Heaven benchmark, working fine - No issue"

Why 3 days to test a card for? 1 day would have done, maybe if my first message hadn't got ignored! They would have found the fault by now! anyway,

I replied back to SCAN and pointed out that test circumvented my fault, explained again my experience with the card.

Got a reply back saying that the card is being re-tested with the use of my helpful information.

Now no matter what happens the card doesn't work on my System, fault found by scan or not and I have pointed this out, I have asked for a refund since it was returned before 28 days.

The card is faulty, it has to be, I was using card for 9 days and then the problems started.

Actually the card was 1 of 2 with an order of a 2000 new System and it's working fine, the computer I built, so I know what am talking about.

Is there a incompatibility with existing components within my system?

am running,

CPU: Haswell 4770K
Mobo: Z87x-UD5H [Bios: F9]
PSU: AX760i

Also the same 2x 6+2pin pci-e cable is powering my current graphics card and working.
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What's a Dremel?
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NMcC has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
Fault found Yes

Scan diagnosis Left on desktop over the weekend and it lost display but works perfect if it's underload

Now i can get back to battlefield 1
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