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What's a Dremel?
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Project White Thunderbolt

Hi all, i am new here!

It's my first time modding and i want to build from scratch a bench case since i was always a fan of dimastech, but the specs of their bench tables didn't meet my specifics.

First of all i post now about my new gig and the cooling compart that i'm about to buy within the next 10 days:

Corsair AX850 Gold + Sleeved Modular Cables Blue
Core i7 3770K
Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe
Corsair Dominator Platinum 16 GB (4x4) 2400
2X SSD Corsair Force GS 240 (Raid)
2X HDD Seagate Barracuda 2TB (Raid)
2X Zotac GTX 670 4GB SLI
Internal DVD Burning
Monitor 3D Asus VG278H
UPS APC SMT1500i (Output 980W)
Card Reader ICYBOX (IB-863-B)
Aerocool Touch 2000
Zalman ZM-MFC3

Alphacool VPP655 T12 (only one loop)
6X Fan Enermax UCCL12 PWM
XSPC RayStorm Cpu
2x EK-FC680GTX CSQ (Compatible with 670GTX)
EK Multioption RES X2 250

And for the bench tables that i am already completed with sketchup, i decided to name it "White Thunderbolt", here the first images :

anonymous picture upload

Some brief details:

The bench will be build in two parts, "Top Case" and "Bottom Case", and they will be united through 2x 45 cm drawers guides, and with that the bottom case can be pulled in and out from the top.
Also at the bottom case will be mounted 2x little wheels to support the weight.
The case will be painted white with some blue design.

All the support of the case, such as psu unity, pci cards, bays 5,25, are all homemade and will be painted blue. These support can be moved around a little (up to 2 cm) with only a bit of loosening the screws without pulling it off at all.

I did not want to mount a support for 3,5 bays. Instead i will mount 2x support 5,25 bays (up to 8x peripherals, 4x each). The SSD and HDD will be mounted to an external adaptor 3,25 -> 5,25 such as a lian li adaptor.

The dimension of the bench is a little bigger from the original dimastech; I can mount 2x biggest rads (3x120) with 6x fans total (3x each) and there's almost 7cm space between them and the support bays. With that the internal space isn't crampled anymore. And if i want to go crazy, i can always mount up to 6x fans in each rads too without problem.

Now, i have only a small problem. In the front panel of the top case, there will be mounted 3x button.

1x for power on the pc
1x for reset
1x switch for turning on/off the PSU Unit

For the PSU Unit i studied the internal and the schematics of the AX850, and i want to link the external switch of the front panel to the switch of the PSU Unit to overtake it, and then i can turn on or off the Psu. Can i do that? Here some images of my idea:

Original Corsair AX850

photo hosting

Modified Version of Mine to add an external switch

keep photos online

Can i do that? I only have to cut the red wire of the corsair switch and unite it with the new switch? If yes, will be there a problem of electrical leakage or anithing of sort? Or i compromise the output voltage of the PSU? Or i have to go with only one switch, either corsair or mine? That is what truly bothering me.

And sorry for the long first post!
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What's a Dremel?
Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: Ugento (LE), Italy
Posts: 7
kirthgersen25 has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
Sorry, i posted twice because i didn't have time to read that was in wait of a moderator, It was almost fast as a rocket, 1 sec. Please cancel this post. Thank You.
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bench table, dimastech, white thunderbolt

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