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What's a Dremel?
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1.5TB of downloaded satellite photos and topo charts. I've almost got the entire Microsoft TerraServer downloaded. Been working on it about a year, now. 100% of the topo charts in both resolutions, 100% of the b&w photos in low resolution, about 70% of the b&w in high res. Also about 20% of the color stuff.

Then I have to convert them to geotiff and then to .kap so they can be used in my navigation software. THAT will take another 3-5TB. I'm waiting 'til last minute to buy more disk since it keeps getting cheaper.

My laptop finally bit the dust for real, so it looks like I may start on the marine computer sooner than I thought. So the Erector stuff keeps being pushed further back....

I haven't been back in here for quite a while. Gotta take some time and see what everyone's been up to.

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