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Group tests articles/Labs.

Not 100% sure if this goes here, so if it has to be moved to where it 'should be', then apologies in advance.

When doing Group tests, is there any benefit to comparing what's on test to similar (even generic) previous generation kit, for those of us that are only able to upgrade at 2+ year intervals?

Group test articles are always high on my interest charts & I find that the results would frequently be more meaningful if they compared to older tech., aside from the obvious "it's bound to be better, 'cos it's newer" outlook.

Put another way, is delving into direct comparisons of technical spec's of (for example) a GTX960 to a GTX660 no longer a valid approach to researching an upgrade & is 'better power efficiency', etc. enough to decide that 'this is what you should be using'...?
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