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WebTV/MSNTV Alternatives?

I find it silly that MSNTV charges a monthly rate to use any other dialup service, on top of purchasing a $200 bit of equipment.

My questions:
  1. Are there any alternatives to MSNTV that would offer something around $10/month USD without having to buy super-expensive equipment?
  2. Could I build a tiny PC for around $200 including modem and video/audio out?

I can build a super-cheap PC with modem, TV-out (composite), 800MHz CPU, 512MB RAM, and 40GB HDD for about $200 (would still need case, keyboard and mouse, and wouldn't need a CD ROM since I'd probably just install linux on it at home before giving it to the relative in need of a dialup-capable TV PC)

Any thoughts on getting this done without the strings MSNTV attaches?
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