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Project Logs Rules - Please Read BEFORE Posting

Project Logs is a fantastic resource for members of the bit-tech community to keep everyone updated on the progress of their mods.

Please stick to these simple rules to make sure that everyone has the best time possible.

Note: Project Logs are for PC projects only. Decorating a room, doing a computer desk - these aren't Project Logs, and threads should be posted either in the Modding forum or General Discussion.

Rules of the Project Logs forum

1. Please name your thread appropriately. [/b]This means Project: (Name), (Day Month). Please use the word for the month you updated, since different areas of the world have different numbering conventions for months and days.

For example, "Project Rock and Roll, 12th September"

Don't worry about including a warning for dial-up users. It's a given in this forum.

Thread titles shouldn't be longer than 70 characters.

2. Your first post must show work in progress, not just a heap of parts and some rough sketches. If you have no physical modding to show, wait until you do or start your log in the 'Modding' forum. In this case, once you do start physical work, request that the project be moved to the project log forum by contacting a mod or emailing The general idea here is to maintain the high quality content we’re all used to.

3. Do not just post to link to a worklog of yours elsewhere. If you're not worklogging here, you don't have a worklog.

4. If you have a finished project but no log of the work done, post it in Modding. If the forum moderator doesn't think your mod qualifies as a log, it will be moved to Modding and you will be notified.

5. Pictures are a requirement. Pictures should be no wider than 640 pixels - you can get plenty of detail in 640x480 pictures. If you want to link hi-res versions as well, that's fine - but threads full of hi-res images not only look ugly, they're annoying for people with smaller monitors and take ages to load. If your pics are only a little larger than 640 wide, we may cut you some slack. You are limited to 25 images per post. This is a vBulletin limit.

6. Pictures should stay reasonably on topic. Although we encourage an expression of your unique personality in not just your mod but also the project log of your mod, please keep to a minimum pictures of cute pets, pretty landscapes (yes, really), artsy inspirational shots or the same unmodded part photographed over and over at. Every. Conceivable. Angle. This is not a blog of your life nor an unboxing thread nor a showcase just for your artistic photography skillz; this is a PROJECT LOG.

7. If pictures turn into red x's for a significant period of time, we'll close your log. Please use reliable webhosting - preferably your own, but also decent free hosts, like Don't use GeoCities. If your photos are compact (ie < 640 wide) the filesize will be smaller, and ImageShack et al are less likely to cut you off for exceeding your bandwidth limit.

8. Keep comments constructive. Spam or abuse will not be tolerated.

9. If you're the thread starter, do please check back often to respond to comments. It's annoying when someone posts a thread and doesn't respond!

General rules

10. If you think we should be featuring a project on the front page of the site, feel free to drop us a line on

11. If you see something that you think isn't appropriate for the forum or is breaking the rules in some way, please contact a moderator.

12. Enjoy the modding!

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