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Registry Fixes for Windows Services

I thought i'd start this thread as a general "Knowledge Base" for some common registry issues relating to services on Windows clients/servers

I've recently had a batch of servers running Server 2008 which were subjected to a great deal of pain, mainly that some berk managed to copy the OU they were contained in into the one we use for laptops, screwing up the group policy in the process.

Since then, we have been getting a lot of Error 5's and Error 127's when starting various services on our servers.
I've certainly had similar issues on various systems before, the issue seems to be more prevalent on 2008/Vista, up until 2008 r2/7 (I haven't encountered it on 2012 yet, but there's always time!)

Here is my fix...

- Get the display name of the service in question, in this case "BFE".
- Open regedit
- Navigate to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\**ServiceNa me**\Parameters
- If "parameters" doesn't exist, just use the service name
- Right click and edit permissions. Click "Advanced", then "add".
- Hit "locations" and change to the current machine
- in Object Name, enter "NT Service\**ServiceName**" without quotes.
- Hit okay, and try and start the service again.

At this point you may get the next error...

ERROR 127 -
- Follow the first 2 steps above.
- Navigate to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\**ServiceNa me**
- Change "ObjectName" key value to "NT AUTHORITY\LocalService"
- Try starting service. If it still doesn't work...

- Change "Type" key value to "20". "Data" column should read "0x00000020 (32)"

If this doesn't work, I'm all out of ideas!
I'm curious, does anyone else have some nice little registry quick-fixes for problem services?
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