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What's a Dremel?
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Catalyst 12.11 (beta) drivers folding.

These new drivers are due out as public release any day now so I thought I'd download and test the beta out for folding and see if there is any improvement to go with the gaming improvement (yes I know Nvidia are better for folding but my wallet is not a bottomless pit and I have three kids to raise so the day I buy a new card/2 cards will be the day a mate gives me them for nowt!).

Anyway, having paused the client (V7) I installed the drivers and restarted the client....and got something a little time to complete a WU jumped from 7 hours to 4 days on one card and 16 hours on the other. Not what I was looking for.

Now, two things here, one, it's a beta driver, and two I did install part way through a WU. However, is anyone else testing the driver and if so are they also seeing exorbitant times to complete and did they install cleanly at the end of the previous WU?

If anyone has not already upgraded their drivers, and is not keen to see their PPD drop, I would suggest holding back on the upgrade until I or others can confirm if this is a genuine issue or if it is due to the way I did the upgrade.

Happy folding.
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What's a Dremel?
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I have exactly the same behavior. I can add that GPU utilization dropped to 40%, CPU utilization per core dropped by half, temperature has fallen of course too. PPD dropped in 3 - 3.5 times (was ~6500, now it is 1910 on Radeon 7770 at 1140 MHz core). So folding is now kind of pointless with such efficiency.
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What's a Dremel?
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Hi, me too with hd 7850. Catalyst overdrive shows also 40% for the GPU activity while folding and PPD dropped from 5-6k to 1800. All games seems to run fine though.

Did you test the 12.10 whql drivers if it has the same problem? I'm thinking if I should revert back to 12.8 and wait for a proper drivers. No reason to fold with this low ppd.
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