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3 CS:GO players wanted for regular mm

Hi all,
Me and a friend (both 16 from cambridge, UK) are looking for some friendly players to for a mm team, we play alot around college time and late most weekends + mondays and tuesdays. My friend Tim has recently dropped out of college so he has most of his time free to play.

We are looking for mature players 16+, with an above average skill level, we are currently both ranked at Gold Nova III, but we are both progressing though ranks quickly.

We only ask of this since we often get teamed up with non-compliant Russians, and the irregularity of mm searches is a pain.

Please add and message me saying from bittech or something simple to play
We are not a 'clan' we just want some like minded players to have a bit of a laugh with and progress through ranks.

Skype is a necessity!

Thanks in advance,
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