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Lostconfession has yet to learn the way of the DremelLostconfession has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
Originally Posted by Marquee View Post
Nice work. I like your dremel work.
Its seem we have the same set of fine files.
Thank you so much I found this set of hobby file's at a local hardware store. This files are very conferrable and very great to work with.

I should post my dremel and the cutting bits I think it will interest a lot of people. I use dangerous but fun bits to do my cutting.

Also as always safety first
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Lostconfession has yet to learn the way of the DremelLostconfession has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
Well continuing from where I left off I decide to go ahead and make a mock cut of the template.

Using the very good tip on the mod thread about using post sticker I went ahead and traced the template.

Since the template are small And I have small address sticker This save me space

Well Like I said I would post the dremel i used

It is over 3 year old and has been repaired acouple time. The small adapter rubber bushing has ended up breaking apart from pressure. JB Weld works wonder

This is the most dangerous blade I have ever used in my life. One slip and I might lose a finger, Good thing I have good control of my tool

The blade I use is small but you can see they do get bigger for thicker parts.

With sheet metal I use this small diamond crested blade, but they can not cut something thicker then 1mm :/

Finally the grinding bits. Nothing special I use the stones mainly for acrylic only to grind away small millimeter shaving at a time.

Well it only took less then a minute with my cuting blade to make small section of the parts.

Trimming is quick and easy with the small blade

At this point I can still use the cutting blade to do more trimming. Especially in this hard to reach place. I can cut trenches then file them in, Save me a butt load of time if I were just to file this down without trimming them in.

Getting into tight area can be a challenge, Knowing when to stop can be tricky took plenty of practice over the years

To file down the area I have to grind them closer with this. Very carefully and very slowly closer and closer then finally using the file's to shave the edges and get them nice and clean

The outcome looks nice but not to clean. Do not worry the plexi will be painted. But before then small amount of body fill will sharpen the edges and create a clean look.

Very nice looking good mirror of the actual template

Well I wanted to get my hands dirty and actually get to "polish" some plexi using this mini pen soldering torch with head gun tip

The unit was old and wasn't use for along time. It was my father payied for by his work place to actually do just one job his entirety of 30+ years. It was handed down to me since I might use it.

Issue is.. it has been sitting their for so long the pressure in the fuel got weak and the piezo Ignition stop working. No indication if this unit uses a small battery or friction to spark up. I do know I refilled it up and tried for 4 or 5 hour igniting the unit. :/ No go for this old thing.

I can not even find a troubleshoot for this weller PSI100 Portasol unit :/ Go figure. Oh well so much for that.

Anyways I will continue in cutting and grinding the individual part to build up the face, then body fill along side the fan hole and let it cure for a day or two outside. No rain for along while, Blazing hot in this early spring. High in the upper 70's (Fahrenheit). Great day for painting
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Lostconfession has yet to learn the way of the DremelLostconfession has yet to learn the way of the Dremel
So I spent two days working on sheet metal cutting

As you can see I did not have the right tools with me :/

Using a generic cutting blade for a jigsaw I ended up pinching and deforming some weak area of cutting.

For the back I/O shield I used my all time trusty metal shear's

After an hour or so of filing

I ended up with a situation, this little form here used to streighten the sheet metal made it hard to attach the I/O shield. I think I am better off cutting that off and widing the hole but first need to look for a new I/O shield cut out.

After acouple days hand cutting and filing down the area I managed to make it look decent enough to work with

I will be using the fan guard off the old power supply as a fan guard in the top. I will be filling the area with JB weld of course and then file it down and use body fill before painting the shell white

I drilled the rivet out of the HDD tray to pull it out.

I also was able to study how the latch worked

And was able to remove all 3 latch and spring plate that presses against the bay drive's

Last image of the day, the back plate window I widen the hole to have sufficient space for any back plate that might come my way.

I won a bid on ebay and got a nice long roll of white carbon fiber vinyl

Since the case will be white I plan on using the vinyl for the MB tray.
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