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Tinted tempered Glass? - Lian Li PC-08 & Phanteks Evolv ATX-TG

Tempered glass usually is "clear" like most normal glass, but these two cases, Lian Li PC-08 & Phanteks Evolv ATX-TG both seem to have tinted tempered glass.

There is an option with some distributors to get tempered glass in a "Grey Glass" option which is:

"a smoke-gray tint for decorative applications"

Do you guys think this is the tint these companies are choosing, or are they doing a much lighter tint than this "Grey glass" option offers?

I want to get a similar look that these two cases offer with their glass, but I don't want it to be too dark and not very transparent.

Does anyone know more about the tempered glass tints offered in these two cases?

The piece of glass I need for my desk case is going to be around $250 or more depending on distributor, so I want to make sure I'm making the right decision by going with this grey glass before I buy it and get stuck with it and don't like the effect it gives to me with my case and is tinted too much and regular glass might have been a better option.
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I would also know, alternatively where could you source perspex with that "grey glass" look.
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