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New Profile Posts

  1. Evolutionsic
    If you charge someone for changing brake pads shouldn't you like.. change the brake pads? i h8 damn garages
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  2. MLyons
    Big fan of fluffy doggos
  3. Evolutionsic
  4. IamJudd
    IamJudd sonicgroove
    I'm still giving him the benefit of the doubt re comms - I'm sure there has been accidental ignore presses! Hopefully will here from Sonic soon!
  5. The_Crapman
    The_Crapman acemodder
    Hi. Could you try and find out what grade of steel was used in the P182's chassis please? I've found out it's 0.8mm cold rolled steel, but can't find anything more specific than that. Thanks
  6. el2k
  7. Cerberus90
    What's happened to the prices of 2nd hand Haswell CPUs, I'm sure they've all gone up significantly.
  8. Evolutionsic
    wtf is a "level 3 textbook" pls respond
    1. Brooxy
      Somewhere between a 'Level 1' and 'Level 3' textbook HTH :D
      14 Jun 2018
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  9. yuusou
    Wait! How come I've never seen this before?!
  10. Cerberus90
    Jesus this NC10 is slow on windows 10!
  11. Y.G Casemod
    Y.G Casemod DÈF¥âÑt¸.·´¯`¤
  13. pilsner72
    Bye Bye Ivy Lane
  14. Gunsmith
    In need of Tea
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    2. Mr_Mistoffelees
      A man who understands that basic human requirement for tea.
      7 Apr 2018
    3. javaman
      Tetley, Punjana, PGtips, twinnings or other? Been dabbling with tea makers of London's loose leaf stuff myself lately.
      8 Apr 2018
  15. Isay Ramazi
  16. pilsner72
    Ubisoft wot r u like
  17. pilsner72
    Go cast your fancy magic some place else
  18. andyja
    andyja MLyons
    Hi MLyons I'm having a problem with my photobucket links they are getting disabled even though I have payed them for third party service. I was trying to edit my blog post to change to another service like imgbox but I am unable to edit the blog post as I get an error when I try to save. Any ideas why I cant edit the post?
    1. MLyons
      I've just looked at your post and the links seem to be working fine. Unfortunately you can't edit your posts yet but once you get a few more posts you should be able to.
      28 Mar 2018
    2. andyja
      Ok. It is fixed for now. I will post more so I can edit it later to another image host.
      28 Mar 2018
  19. Elspuddy
    im not drunk, just my spelling sucks when i type fast :P
  20. Evolutionsic
    When you're still getting likes from a thread made years ago xD which shall not be named! Lol
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