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  1. Mr_Mistoffelees
  2. K4torz
    Still saving up for new PC parts... :p
  3. MLyons
    I probably broke it
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  4. el2k
  5. mnpctech
  6. legoman
    Trying to run an A10 7850k passive...
    1. MLyons
      How's this coming along? Another member of staff and I are looking into a project involving passive parts.
      25 Sep 2017
    2. legoman
      Seems OK, to be fair other things caught up with me. Ill do some benching on it tonight an ping the results your way, Only fan I have is the case exit fan but I can try with that off as well.
      25 Sep 2017
    3. MLyons
      Thanks. If you could do it with airflow and without that would be perfect
      25 Sep 2017
  7. GaryP
    GaryP Kernel
    Thank you very much for all your help and advice regarding the network I am sorting out. It really is appreciated.
  8. Slizza
    Slizza julianmartin
    Thanks for the good deal on the Microphone. Great seller.
  9. Rydema
    is in need of a better system, AMD Ryzen 5 1600 or i5-7500?
  10. Vault-Tec
    Quadro FX 1800. FEEL TEH POWAH !
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  11. Rydema
    you wanna razzle dazzle?
  12. MeMo
    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood??
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    2. alfizzle
    3. MeMo
      Ahaha I Love it!!!!!
      28 Aug 2017
  13. Rydema
    is shuffling
  14. samkiller42
    I really, really hate job hunting.
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  15. Dalchi Frusche
    Dalchi Frusche
    Modding and enjoying life!
  16. bond0071993
    bond0071993 GCOFIELDD
    Do you have the drawings of the Opti bf46 mill ? Is there is way to get the drawings for my mill ?
  17. bsp
    bsp Sentinel-R1
    Great Seller. Cheers mate :) Sorry for the late feedback!
    1. Sentinel-R1
      No probs matey! Thanks again. :)
      27 Jul 2017
  18. BrennansPCTech
    Just started the build Log for the Optimus case mod!!!!
  19. mnpctech
  20. Elspuddy
    I have a status page ?