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13 Mar 2014
19 Apr 2010
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Vancouver, Wash
Graphic Artist, PC TECH

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I haven't lost a finger yet!, from Vancouver, Wash

13 Mar 2014
    1. DeadP1xels
      Wow sick site man!!

      I love the whole resident evil industrial theme you got going in the background looks very slick!!

      I'll see what i can do about those photos im not so sure you would want to dirty up your nice site with my poor excuse for modding though :)
    2. Xtrafresh
      Hey Ron!
      First of all, these model-builds are usually not my cup of tea, but i have been flipping through the pages amazed at your craftsmanship nonetheless. Stunning stuff!

      I'm pleasantly surprised you are responding to my half-flame like this ;)
      You can change a thread title by editing the first post, and then going to "advanced". That page will give you the title field. Many modders here use it to inform people of new updates, by adding the date of the latest one to the title. For a change in username, you should probably PM a mod.

      Rock on!
    3. artoodeeto
      sorry I didn't reply sooner - I only just saw these two messages. The latex captures detail beautifully. The mold release agent softens the latex a bit, so after a lot of casts some details could be lost. you may need to re-mold pieces depending on how many casts you want to make. you'll probably need to make 2-part molds (mine were 1-part), so I'd recommend going here for instruction on that:
      As for gluing, I've been using a silicone-based superglue from Orchard Supply (DevCon Weld-it). It works pretty well on nearly everything, although I don't know that it'll bond to styrene (I tried once bonding styrene and vinyl...didn't work). But really, a glue that can bond styrene should work on epoxy too.
      No prob on the advice - I'm glad to have had the opportunity to type something up. I sculpted clay before, but prior to my crawler I'd never actually molded or cast anything. Got all my mistakes out of the way on this build :D
    4. LooseNeutral
      Yo man. you placed well in the MOTM bro. Lots of cats been here a while and haven't even placed! I believe you'll be in the running quite a bit around here for sometime to come. Congrats are in order!
    5. Raiden
      Im from Portugal , my project is Candy Shop project here at bit tech, search for it or i will send you the link soon..

      I see you do all by hand , its amazing your work please continue , i send you a Pm with my email i think..

    6. ModaRobby
      No problem Ron. I will be following your concept project closely. I personally love the Resident Evil movies so this is just awesome. See ya on the forums.
    7. DeadP1xels
      Oooo sounds intresting

      I look forward to it
    8. Raiden
      Dont worry about the double posts, i would be very happy if you could help me:p, next week i will send you link of my project for you to see it!

      Send me some links then about the polyxterene , it seems great to do detailed works, im loving your build..

      Keep up the good work!
    9. DeadP1xels
      Yep just a simple message like "added pictures" will push it to the top of the list so people will look at it
    10. DeadP1xels
      Yeh its nicer to do it that way shows progression easier

      I did'nt know how to do youtube videos but just found out after fiddling around:)

      if you use the youtube tags [youtube] [/youtube] but just put the end of the video url in

      for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvbKHGPXc-c (your first video) just use the end of the video "YvbKHGPXc-c" and put that between the tags [youtube] [/youtube]
    11. DeadP1xels
      Well a bump is just pushing your thread to the top of the list so people see it more

      so everytime you add new photos if you add it to your original post in your thread with other photos it will stay in the same place if you made a new reply to your thread with the photos it goes to the top so because your putting the photos all in the same post to get it to the top of the list just make a new reply saying something like "new pics added" so people know your updating it else it will go unnoticed
    12. DeadP1xels
      Noise is fine for me it will be used outside most of the time
      Thanks for all your help and answering my questions sorry for so many :P

      About the pictures no you did'nt mess up you have just added them to your original post right? like the airlock ones you've added

      The thing i said about bumping is to put it at the top of the list on the projects basically so people notice you've added new pictures to it

      If you add more pictures to your original post they just stay at the bottom of the list and go unoticed by everyone when you add them to the same post its always best to say "Bump new pictures added" so people notice you've updated them or just make a new reply to your thread with the new update of pictures

      Hope that made sense i rambled on a little

      Thanks again for your help!
    13. DeadP1xels
      My budget is around £100 pretty slim but its mainly because its not something i can see myself using everyday.

      I would like to be able to use it to spray styrene for modding and potential models if i get into that aswell as aluminium and steel if possible.

      As for the regulator not so sure on that the reviews seem fine on amazon so i don't assume theres a problem but at the same time i don't think anyone is using it for the same thing.
    14. DeadP1xels

      Yeh i've been told dual is a no brainer

      so would the compressor i showed be any good because im not in the us? it looks the same to me 1/5hp i looked on the picture of yours and it has pretty much the same specs

      I would go with a different airbrush though something a little better quality probebly

      could it spray onto aluminium if it had a base coat and special paints say for a car? or not really the right thing

      Thanks for the info
    15. DeadP1xels
      Hey Ron just wondering if you could help me out i've been looking into getting a small airbrush kit and im wondering what kind of compressor your using i seem to spot it around by different brand names.

      This one says its 60psi instead of your 80psi one looks similiar

      Would this make any drastic difference to the quality of the painting after?
      theres also:


      Which is a kit i know you have a rather expensive airbrush which i don't really need to start out with.

      one question i have is what kind of materials could this paint on? i was planning plasticstyrene using thinned tamiya paints like you use from model shops but if i could do other stuff that would be great!
    16. Raiden
      Hi thanks for the posts , no problem at all , what is polyxsterene?

      I never used it , any your modd is really impressive , i will send you a Pm with my email so you can give me a few tips and advices because you are a professional !!!

    17. Attila
      Hi Ron.,
      I have never used a video in a worklog but I would assume the procedure to link a video
      would be similar to a photo. You can probably find more information on the youtube site or
      perhaps ask one of the builders here who use video links.

    18. Attila
      Hi Ron.
      When you wish to add pics to an existing post., hit 'edit' then 'go advanced' and the box will come up
      with all the text and image codes you already have there. Then you can edit the text, remove or add
      pics etc. I use photobucket, so to display your pics when someone views your posts, you need to copy
      and paste the "image code" into your post. If you use a direct link then only the URL will appear in
      your post. I think you can put up to about 30 pics per post. Hope this helps mate.:thumb:
    19. DeadP1xels
      Thats no problem glad i could help :)

      I look forward to more updates
    20. DeadP1xels
      Well im not entirely sure myself i tried doing it the other day when i made two threads

      I would just edit the post and click "Go advanced" replace all the writing in the post with something like "Admin please remove" and do the same for the title when an admin come on they should just realize it was an accident and delete the thread for you
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