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2 Dec 2013
17 Feb 2007
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@ Scan R&D

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2 Dec 2013
    1. Archangel35757
      Hey there... I necromanced your water-chiller article discussion... Would you be so kind as to take a look at my post-- and the link to my questions on my concept (sorry to re-direct you to Tom's Hardware...).
    2. Lizard
      Hi Darkrage

      Good to hear from another bit-techer on WoT. What is your ingame name? Mine is lizardgun.
    3. Thedarkrage
      Hi Lizard was told to ask you about the wot clan The Dogs of War
    4. SolidShot
      any luck with the subs team?

    5. SolidShot

      im subscribbed to getting CPC though the post, but how do i get the three downloadable things that come with it?

      I keep going around and around and being taken to the sub bit! IVE SUBBED ALREADY! :P

      any help would be grand!
    6. ZodiacKiller
      Hi Lizard, I was at the Bit-tech/asus oc sumit a few weeks ago and was lucky to get a Maximus III Gene board as a prize but it is faulty, been trying to get it to work for the last week but no go, no graphics card will work in any of the pcie slots (have tryed 3 cards, all work in other systems). The LEDs on the board show there is a vga problem, any ideas what to do?

      Thanks in advance
    7. Flip
      Thank you Lizard.
    8. Flip
      Hi Lizard, I have not recevied a World of Tanks T shirt.
      Do you have any further information on the WoT developers questions winning T shirts.
    9. AngryWookie
      yea that would be great. Thanks
    10. Flip
      Hi, PM sent
    11. AngryWookie
      Could you change my user name to normal sentence case, not all caps. Thanks.
    12. Flip
      Hi Lizard, it seems as tho I have won a World of Tanks Tshirt.
      I guess you need my size and postal address?
    13. Lizard
      Re: penryn 2 hertz - sure thing, I've edited the posts accordingly. Welcome to the folding team :)
    14. penryn 2 hertz
      penryn 2 hertz
      @ LIZARD yes thats what i mean the 2 threads can you edit my post's for me and add the number count down i dont know how to do the big red number thing pls ...ty
    15. Lizard
      Re: penryn 2 hertz - what countdowns are you referring to? If its the two countdown threads in the folding forum you need to count them yourself.
    16. penryn 2 hertz
      penryn 2 hertz
      did you count my gpu and cpu in the countdown?
    17. Bishbosh
      Dude with this chimps race . will my lowly 25k ppd make any difference to the outcome ? I will happily fold for the chimp :)
    18. tshopss
    19. cgcox1
      Hi James,

      Could you 'Sticky' the new updated Folder of the Month Hall of Fame Thread and delete the one you kindly brought across from the cpc forums. That way i can still update it every month.

    20. ComputerKing
      Welcome buddy :)
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