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Build Advice £960 PC Build

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ScaryMuffin, 28 Feb 2011.

  1. ScaryMuffin

    ScaryMuffin What's a Dremel?

    27 Feb 2011
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    Hello bit-tech, I have a maximum budget of £960 for a new build. (There's an OS for £40 at software4students, therefore build will be at max £1000 together).

    I'll be using it for gaming, however I'd also like the ability to run older games and keep to their box resolution. I will also use it for productive work at times, though mostly through Firefox. Occasionally watch movies and 4:3 TV shows, however this isn't too important (I can live with black bars and connect to TV for movies anyhow).

    I will probably wait up to 2 weeks when the fixed SandyBridge MOBOs are out, however I urgently need a monitor and peripherals right now (headphone or headset, keyboard and games). I don't need a hardcore setup as I'll be playing single-player mostly, however a decent monitor is ideal as that's what my eyes will be noticing.

    Using this current mock-up of components though, I'd like some advice on PSU and the Case (quiet and efficient and not too ugly), and if there's anything else you suggest changing. I mean some of the items there are on waiting list, so I don't know which model to get if they don't restock within a fortnight (like the GPU).


    The build above is less than £700, so should give some headroom for monitor and peripherals.

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