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Disaster 1.2 meter UV neon tube

Discussion in 'Modding' started by MajestiX, 14 Jul 2002.

  1. MajestiX

    MajestiX What's a Dremel?

    14 Apr 2002
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    dam they break good had it mounted on to the wall shoulders high and my friend was sitting bout 30 cm away from it, i asked him tto move in so i could squeez past, he rocked the chair forward for me to walk past while i was passing he decided to get up the chair rocked back knocking my into the 2 uv neon tube lucky one fell out glass and powder was everywhere. really hard to pick up black glass if you ask me but now i got a 50 cm black light neon tube (have to still cut the sharp edges off) still thinking of what to do with it :sigh:

    btw after he got up he manage to kick over a powerboard turning off the computer and then ripped his jacket on this jagged edge sticking out... seems bad luck comes in 3 with him

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