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POTM [11/07] John Davis

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by alastor, 22 Nov 2007.

  1. alastor

    alastor Minimodder

    6 Sep 2004
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    Took this way back at the beginning of the month, don't think I'll be able to get out to take much else so entering this and probably another from the same shoot if I can't get out. Taken at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, wonderful place.


    Camera: Sony DSC-H2
    Exposure: 0.125 sec (1/8)
    Aperture: f/3.2
    Focal Length: 9.8 mm (59mm equiv)
    ISO Speed: 80

    Slightly cropped, desaturated and contrast increased in GIMP.
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