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News 2 GeForce4 reviews :: riva3d & ipKonfig

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Cheese, 19 Sep 2002.

  1. Cheese

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    6 Oct 2001
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    Riva3d has just posted a review of the ASUS 8420 Geforce 4 Ti 4200::

    "The V8420 Deluxe is Asus's latest addition to the Geforce 4 Ti series, and is designed for the mid-range 3D market. Using the latest Geforce 4 Ti4200 GPU from Nvidia, it's the lowest of the Geforce 4 Ti range, but offers incredible value for money and performance at just $210 USD."

    Review here.

    ipKonfig takes a look at the Palit Daytona GeForce 4 Ti4200::


    "Palit Daytona is a company that too many may either be unheard of, or just a small OEM. Today we are here to find out why this is not the whole story, and what makes the Palit card prime competition against mainstream products like Asus, MSI, and many others.

    Palit has broken the mold with its marketing strategy, and instead of trying to lure you into buying its product with a large software and/or hardware bundle, it just gives you what you want and are paying for: a top end graphics card, drivers and a box."

    Review here.
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