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Modding 2 second vote... Opinions please

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Dr_kazza, 2 Sep 2002.

  1. space_monkey_mod

    space_monkey_mod What's a Dremel?

    28 Aug 2002
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    Motorize the flip-front bezel like some high-end car audio decks and everyone will worship you.
  2. Pflumingo

    Pflumingo givem the bird.

    17 Jul 2002
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    Wow... Stealing an old pictrue RIGHT FROM MY OWN SERVER... or my old one anyways...

    I like the motorized mount idea, but I would do just what noone tells you to do... Mount it on the top. or better yet, have it rise out of the top of the front bezel, and pop back down...

    I personally have the VFD in the top, but that's just because it's a 40x2, and it won't FIT anywhere else... as for my LCD (20x4) it's being mounted in the FRONT of that stealthed baybus, so you can see THAT with the baybus closed, and with it open it faces down.

    There will be more pics, when it's finished, Still waiting on the serial-parallel kit from Noritake... They rock...

    damn image theives. ha ha ha... J.K.
    at least you could have gotten one off my image server of a bit higher quality... or the action shot...
  3. tk421

    tk421 Idiot.

    15 Jan 2002
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    personally , i vote for the seperate desktop/monitor idea .... or maybe hack it into a keyboard? what good is a huge honkin vfd if you cant see it?
  4. Atomic

    Atomic Gerwaff

    6 May 2002
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    Sorry Pflumingo :lol:... It's actually linked from your server i havnt nicked it! (I havne no webspace of my own anyway :cries:)
    Found it on this bit of the forum whilst browsing... Back to topic.

    Fitting it in the keyboard would be fine, but powering it and getting the serial/parallel cable to it as well. Thats gonna involve a bit of work.

    Update: Remembered where id seen this disgussed before.

    If you got one of the MS keyboards with the mini USB hub it'd make it easier with a USB-Serial Convertor. Thatd sort out all wiring problems.

    Stuff about the USB-Serial Convertor

    If someones done this post some pics?
  5. MajestiX

    MajestiX What's a Dremel?

    14 Apr 2002
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    flippy !!!!!!!!

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