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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jrs77, 11 Feb 2015.

  1. Saivert

    Saivert Minimodder

    26 Mar 2005
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    Well if loftie picked one of the cheapest socket 1150 boards he should have picked one of the cheapest 2011-v3 boards as well for a fair comparison.
    Sure 2011-v3 is the high end platform from intel and 1150 will always be mainstream. That is why we still have quad cores even with Skylake. I doubt Intel will ever change this segmentation.

    You can get a 2011-v3 board for as low as 200 EUR. And you still get access to all the PCIe lanes and can run quad graphics setup.
  2. asura

    asura jack of all trades

    22 Apr 2009
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    So... Q6600 to 6600K; what a world of difference! It's integrated graphics feels better in vectorworks than the Q6600+Quadro FX4600 combination I had before. It's running much quieter and much cooler.

    Just finished running SPECviewperf11 (11 not 12 because that's what the Q6600+FX4600 was tested on) and the 530 got surprisingly close considering what it was going up against.*

    ________________Q6600+FX4600 (fps)____________6600K+iGPU (fps)
    Catia 03----------------------15.86--------------------------------Did not run!
    EnSight 04--------------------9.67-----------------------------------3.57
    Lightwave 01----------------28.89---------------------------------24.05
    Maya 03----------------------23.07---------------------------------21.88
    ProE 05-------------------------4.2------------------------------------2.74
    SW 02-------------------------23.96--------------------------------18.72
    TCVis 02-----------------------12.6-----------------------------------3.57
    SNX 01------------------------14.74----------------------------------2.9

    What do we think, worth my time doing a run with the FX4600 in with the 6600K? I don't use any of the above, not even SolidWorks any-more... but it might be interesting to see.

    *For those of you who don't know the FX4600 was the Quadro equivalent to the GeForce 8800, with cores and memory something of a cross between the second gen GTS's and the GTX. But geared towards double point precision and professional graphic, rendering and CAD applications. To give you some idea in my previous bout of tests with a Q6600 an 8800GTX ran SolidWorks (SW) at 5.89fps
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  3. loftie

    loftie Modder

    14 Feb 2009
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    I did.


    I didn't go and hunt down the absolute cheapest part from every store on the web, it was a quick comparison to show the price differences between X99 and Z107 aren't that great when going for the i7.

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