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2seXeh Public Mayhem CS:GO Server

Discussion in 'Game Server' started by Reg216uk, 19 Nov 2012.

  1. Reg216uk

    Reg216uk Member

    2 Nov 2011
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    Hello guys....my team 2sexeh2perform have just reformed after a long CS Break....and just want to build the community up a bit like in the old days.

    If any of you old school CS Players are interested we have our very own CS:GO Public server running a variety of normal and aim maps @ 128tick for very good REG.

    We run bare minimum mods for better REG also.

    RTL-Servers.co.uk | 2seXeh CS:GO Public Mayhem ( AIM )

    So please come join in if any of you are interested....we also have a Public Mumble with 20 Slots which is in the process of being setup.

    Website: http://www.2s2p.co.uk

    Friendly admins

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