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Windows 3D Mark & Drivers

Discussion in 'Software' started by Dave Lister, 20 Feb 2019.

  1. Dave Lister

    Dave Lister Member

    1 Sep 2009
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    Hey folks so I came upon a strange problem recently when attempting to run 3D Mark. Everything goes well until the end when its ready to upload the results to its servers or where ever, and it tells me the results are invalid because LOD was changed by my drivers. I checked the nvidia settings and made sure 3D settings were handled by the application and not the drivers but it made no difference. I also tried completely closing down anything nvidia in the system tray.
    Do any of you have any idea how to sort the problem ? I want to get this fixed so I can compare my new GPU with my old one, and I always share the results on my steam profile so people reading my reviews can compare my specs to there own.

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