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News 3D Realms releases new Duke Nukem Forever image

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 19 Dec 2008.

  1. UrbanMarine

    UrbanMarine Government Prostitute

    7 Aug 2008
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    Ah. What really sucks is they're using the UE3 :( IMO it's overrated and over used. The IW(Warfare Engine) or Source would be better even though Source is outdated. At this point I just want the damn game!!!! If multiplayer is just as fun as DUKE3D then I'll be satisfied with a lesser engine. What can I say I'm a Duke Nukem Fanboy. I still have all my Duke games and x-paks.

    BTW: There was a group remaking DUKE3D on the Source engine but they got shutdown because of 3DRealms. The mod was a complete remake of Duke3D with the side episodes.

    Did anyone build maps or play mods like Platoon?
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  2. Slyporkie

    Slyporkie Fear not the bacon

    17 Nov 2008
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    I wonder if the guy that does Duke's voice will still be alive when they need him for the game? ;)
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