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News 3D Realms: We haven't closed

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 19 May 2009.

  1. sadlydefiant

    sadlydefiant What's a Dremel?

    11 Apr 2008
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    I am getting sick of hearing about this game.
    Post some real news about the many other games out there.
    really guys...
  2. books

    books What's a Dremel?

    22 Oct 2008
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    Yeah add me to the list of sick of hearing about it. I am glad BitTech keep me up to date though! But for the game itself, I'm very much disinterested now. The thing is, as much as I loved Duke Nukem 3d, firstly, it was about 15 years ago when gaming was far more basic. I hadn't experienced the MMORPG revolution at that point, there were no uber huge Fallout3/Oblivion type games, and it didn't have games like Dragon Age to compete with. And secondly, I was a teenage kiddie who lol'ed his arse off at shrinking people and then squishing them and boobs and jetpacks and rofflecopters and lollerskates and so on. In other words, even if this game came out tomorrow and it was a fresh Duke Nukem 3d but with cutting edge new graphics, I'm not sure I would even give a damn anyway.

    I have a feeling it will show up some day in the next year or two and it will be the same as the original but shinier. Older gamers will play it for a little while and reminisce, younger gamers will think it's "kinda cool" but then move on, and it will all be forgotten about a few weeks later.

    It's just that things have moved on. Through all these many years, they might have somehow managed to keep the graphics modern looking, but I'm guessing that the design itself will be from the mid 90's, and if so, it could be pretty 'meh' for a lot of people. With things like Operation Flashpoint 2 on the horizon, and a bit further Deus Ex 3 and Thief4, I'm just not sure that there would be that big an audience for an ole fashioned "gib fest" any more. Maybe there will though, I guess we'll see some day. Maybe? Urgh. Either way, if it does come out in the next year or two, I suspect everyone will review it with a very sceptical eye.
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