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7 Days Free Drive Away Insurance?

Discussion in 'Serious' started by Strudul, 15 Sep 2016.

  1. Strudul

    Strudul ~

    31 May 2010
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    Probably not the best place to ask, but you guys seem to be pretty clued up on just about everything...

    I've agreed to buy a used car (signed for, but not paid yet - will be doing so on the day I collect it) from a main dealer.

    Every car they sell comes with 7 days free drive away insurance and I was given a number to call so I could get it set up. However, upon trying to do so, I was refused insurance (due to age / experience / car).

    The 7 day insurance isn't mentioned on the contract I signed, but it was agreed verbally and as I say, the company provides it to everyone that buys a car.

    I can't find any eligibility criteria (thought presumably there is some small print somewhere) and it wasn't mentioned at the time of sale.

    I've sorted annual insurance anyway (albeit starting 7 days earlier than previously intended), so it isn't really an issue and obviously I still intend to complete the purchase.

    That being said, do I have a leg to stand on to ask for some sort of compensation / discount at this stage?
  2. Sp!

    Sp! Minimodder

    6 Dec 2002
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    I would assume it's "Free" 7 day insurance so it has no value so you can't ask for a discount.

    That said... you don't ask you don't get...

    But I would assume they have some obligation to make sure your legal when you drive off the forecourt and that giving you " free" 7 day insurance (which is typically terrible insurance with massave excess etc) gives them the ability to do this and sell your detials to the insurance company who can then hound you with renewal premiums.

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