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Storage a possible way to recover blocked files

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kim, 10 Apr 2021.

  1. kim

    kim hardware addict

    10 Jan 2016
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    I am actually spending time on a tedious task, that I put aside for too long: recovering attempts of numerous files splattered on a dozen of old hard drives :grin:
    I am mostly using Easeus Data recovery wizard, but also other methods, depending of the drives state, and the level of corruption, but I came across a weird behavior with one of the drives, I plugged it with my SATA dock and the partition was still readable but there was some of the files, mostly videos and pictures, rending copying errors, it was possible to read them, but there was absolutely no way to copy or move them out from the drive :grr: ...
    CHKDSK gave back a healthy disk check report, the partition was legible, but of course, running Crystaldiskinfo, there were some unrecoverable sectors :waah:...I opened the drive under Linux but the files were not possible to copy neither :oldconfused:
    Before running EaseusDRW, I was wondering how it was possible that readable files couldn't be copied off :wallbash:...and something happened to me accidentally...:lol:
    I had right click on one of the blocked videos, and I pulled on unwillingly the mouse button when arrow was on the option "create RAR archive" and it started and ended correctly :duh::eeek: :happy: I copied off the archive on another disk and the file was there :clap: :hehe:
    I must add that it doesn't work with all files, some were too deeply damaged to be even read, so it was not working in this case, but I managed to save fastly and easilly 20% of the datas witch could be read, but not be copied or moved out of this drive.

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