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Disaster A smell cometh from teh USB drive...

Discussion in 'Modding' started by [<x>] Kiyusoma, 21 Jan 2005.

  1. [<x>] Kiyusoma

    [<x>] Kiyusoma Deus Ex Machina

    16 Jun 2004
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    I acquired a free computer from a relative.....
    My thinking.... "oh happy day.. another submission to the collective" :cooldude:
    cleared out all the stuff from it... installed new(ish) parts..(v-card, sound)

    then i plug in my USB flash drive....
    "Odd... why does WinXP not reconize this drive"
    It DID work fine in all the other computers

    I notticed the light on it did not come on (comes on when ther is power to the drive)
    I then removed it thinking that i had killed it :waah:
    during my inspection i notticed a unique smell from the USB end of the drive

    "Oh.. it smells like burnt electronics" :eeek:
    well it ended up that the (insert profane words here) USB ports were connected to the mobo incorrectly!

    so i RTFM and got them wired correctly 5v and ground were swapped... figures.....now they work fine

    ...but my 256MB SanDisk Cruzer Mini gave its life as a usb port tester.....
    i would post pics but there is no visible damage...

    guess ill have to use my 32MB Lexar JumpDrive
    ** Long post... i know** :D
  2. Go4t

    Go4t i

    13 Dec 2003
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    same thing happened to me but i could have sworn the ports were plugged in right
    oh well it was only a 128mb stick
    my girlfriend got me a 1gb stick for chrimbo :D

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