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Gaming A Week with Pokémon Go

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Dogbert666, 26 Jul 2016.

  1. Disequilibria

    Disequilibria Member

    30 Sep 2015
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    I got this downloaded but haven't bothered using it and probably wont.

    I wouldn't mind doing it in the safe parts of a hike but beyond that I can't be bothered to play it on day to day travel or go out of my way to use it (but then again i am a bit lazy day to day :D, I like relaxing. I prefer exercise either out of necessity (travel) or social (like football).

    Problem is I used it for two hours and then ended up playing the origional GBA games.

    I get this grumpy hysterical reaction some people are having to it but it's ignoring some important points.

    Our entertainments have moved from physical games outdoors to docile games indoors.
    Now that technology is coming along that has stimulating games that require physical exercise outdoors, it can only be a good thing.

    People keep saying "just go outdoors anyway" is an ignorance that people stay indoors because the stuff we do indoors with is more interesting than most outdoor activities. If we can manage both then we have a real solution to a healthier society.

    Rather than grumpy grampa rhetoric that doesn't actually deal with the reality of how people behave or offer any real solutions.

    The other thing is the physical endangerment hysteria taking over as well.

    Which ignores the fact that pretty much any time people leave their houses people are in more immediate danger than when people stay in.

    It ignores the fact that whatever outdoor fad or activity there are always risks. When texting and mobile phone calls became a thing people used them on the roads and still do. Idiots aren't a reason to condemn something the majority enjoy.

    Aside from people killing others on the road doing this most other accidents can be chalked up to a classic darwen award.

    I'm not sure if this will last or how long it will last. I'm leaning towards it dying down in a few months and then next year releasing the next 100 and the thing will bump along in the background.

    They do need some optimisation in quite a few areas, especially battery when the screen is on. The battery should at least charge a little bit when your on a 1500 mA charger not sometimes drain a tiny fraction.

    I'd usually be the first to complain that mobile Freemium games aren't real games and are just a money making sham relying on the same psychologically addictive mechanisms that crack does and treats people like hamsters in a maze. However the overall benefits to people outweigh all those issues in this case.

    Also the people quiting their jobs to play pokemon Go are stupid IMO however so were the people who did that to play some horrendous grinding MMO, except Pokemon GO people will look a lot better than this:


    There's my 2 pence.

    Happy hunting peoples.


    If People think it's silly and that people should just "grow up and stop being silly"

    Well I think it's about time people stop repressing themselves out of fear of embarrassment, people (including myself) need to stop feeling silly for having fun.

    We shouldn't get to 18/21 and suddenly spend the next 50 years being repressed because of the "your an adult and not some silly kid" mentality.
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  2. Paulg1971

    Paulg1971 Member

    24 Apr 2009
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    I can't understand why the data usage is so high, ive been on it for about 2 weeks now,spent afternoons walking around town with my son looking for stops and I have used just over 200mb. I did read a story saying on average it should be using about 10-20 mb every 7 hours I thinks it was.
    I downloaded so I could join in with my lad and be able to know what he was going on about,
  3. Xtreme_Machine

    Xtreme_Machine Survivalist

    6 Jul 2008
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    As far as I know the mechanism is still the same as in there other game Ingress...

    For one, you are downloading (custom) Google Maps tiles (the green/yellowish grass & roads), just like you would when you have Google Maps active. As far as I know, it does not cache any of these tiles (or at least very little) making your phone download those tiles over and over :rolleyes:
    This is probably also the reason you see claims of people saying that downloading Google Maps tiles for your area somehow reduces data usage in Pokemon Go. I find that hard to believe to be honest because, I believe they are completely different tiles.

    The same goes for all the pictures you see on the pokéstops. These are also not cached and you download them over and over.

    Then there is the data for the actual gameplay that is being sent back and forth. I understand that the interface is quite hefty (to prevent client side cheats/hacks I presume).

    More on-topic, I play the game also. I started mostly because friends are playing, but also because I play Ingress already (for about two years now) and the pokestops / gyms and portals are exactly the same locations. With Pokemon Go I have something to do while I travel between portals, because I am going to them anyway :lol:
  4. Ending Credits

    Ending Credits Bunned

    4 Jan 2008
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    ITT: people getting mad at other people for having fun.
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