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Other Aarghhhhh info please! lol

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ravenheart, 2 Apr 2010.

  1. Ravenheart

    Ravenheart New Member

    3 Oct 2009
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    My other half is fast approaching her 21st birthday (i'm an old man in comparison at 29) :jawdrop::D, anyway she's already got an XBOX 360 which I got her for her Birthday last year, she's got a PS3 I got her for Valentines day! And now her grandma and mum have bought her a Nintendo Wii for her 21st birthday so she's very lucky to have all 3 nevermind just 1 of the 3 consoles, which is where the aaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh comes into it

    She plays on both the XBOX 360 (on Assassins Creed II) and the PS3 (Final Fantasy XIII) and now she's got a Nintendo Wii to play on as well (and I got her that Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles) but we don't have room for all 3 in the living room (we've got 2 kids as well!) and there's barely room for them haha (joke!) ones nearly 3 and the other is a year old so we don't get loads of time to play games anyway.

    So I said one of them would have to be packed away for now (no not one of the kids :worried:) to make room for the Wii if she wanted to go on the Wii! But which one! That's what she can't make her mind up on!

    I apologise for the random uselessness of this topic but I had to get it off my chest somewhere lol.

    Oh and yes she is spoilt! I look after my woman (sometimes too well lol) did I say she also has a Nintendo DS!! :wallbash:
  2. Blademrk

    Blademrk Why so serious?

    21 Nov 2003
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    I'm sure she'll get fed up of the wii before the other 2 (plus it's not that big, i'm sure it could fit in some where?)
  3. pimonserry

    pimonserry sounds like a party.

    20 Dec 2008
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    Yeah, but the little kids would probably prefer the Wii.

    Do you play on either of them (X360/PS3)? That could influence it.
  4. 13eightyfour

    13eightyfour Formerly Titanium Angel

    9 Sep 2003
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    The wii takes up so little space is it really worth putting anything away?
    Ive got all 3 and they dont take up that much room.
  5. Red Eye

    Red Eye Member

    16 Apr 2008
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    I'd keep all 3 out to play, you wont need much space to accomodate a Wii compared to the other 2 consoles, its like having bought a few dvds. Take a look at this size comparison of the 3 consoles.
    Last edited: 2 Apr 2010
  6. erratum1

    erratum1 New Member

    30 Apr 2009
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    Just wondering, whats the attraction of having all three consoles when you have such a nice pc ?

    I know women are not that tech minded, but if I liked gaming enough to want all three consoles then I would always be gaming on the Pc.
  7. Hex

    Hex Paul?! Super Moderator

    11 Jan 2002
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    Maybe the PC is his and he plays on it while she's on the consoles? If you're not that into FPS there's not much benefit to be had from playing on a PC. I no longer really play FPS and now I find it uncomfortable to try & play a game with a k/b and mouse.

    I agree the Wii doesn't take up enough room to bother with putting it away. I'm pretty anti-Sony though so I'd say get rid of the PS3 ;) (I'm not pro-MS, I just dislike Sony that much). Also ACII > FFXIII...

    /me steps away from the worm cans on the floor
  8. DragunovHUN

    DragunovHUN Well-Known Member

    30 Oct 2008
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    Well, you can stack things on top of the 360 since it's flat unlike the PS3. Consider that. You could even put the Wii on top of the 360 if you had the headroom. What does your TV stand look like?

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