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News Acer to enter the games market?

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 17 Mar 2008.

  1. Bladestorm

    Bladestorm What's a Dremel?

    14 Dec 2005
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    Producing a reasonably good value for money PC intended for gaming, with a standard spec and actually selling some, might go down well with game developers, since one of the cited problems with creating games for the PC is lack of a real hardware standard they can develop and tweak for as they can with the consoles.
  2. Burnout21

    Burnout21 Is the daddy!

    9 Sep 2005
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    i happen to like Acer products, yes build quality is a little weak and some plastic parts seem flimsy, however bang for buck as to say there pretty good! i bought a laptop 2 years ago possible 3 years now come to think (aspire 1690) got it with the new Dothan and a ATI X700 64Mb with 512Mb of memory and a 15.4in screen, the specs on paper destroyed more expensive Dells, toshiba's, IBM's and HP's. it was sent in for repair as the screen developed a problem, (strange funny lines) however since then its been a good little work horse and still runs excellent! not to mention i am sat behide one of there top of the range 24in TFT's (DVI, HDMI, etc)

    i do like the idea of them doing this, but theres such a hardcore fan base for the xbox, PS3 and wii that acer will no doubt fail badly, can anyone say 'dreamcast..' if i was them strip down a lappy use MXM graphics cards, so its upgradable, team it with a custom stripped down version of vista (DX10), so when a disc is inserted it uses alcohol 120% sort of thing to save the disc to the HDD, and can then be played at any time.

    the reason i like the idea, and now actually build my own version of this idea is the fact that like many i imagin we have a main computer which is used for everything, mine is manly work and surfing the net, and gaming is becoming more and more console based again as the invention of such things like xbox live has moved alot of net based multiplayer games from PC to consoles.

    i am not saying PC gaming is dead, and it will never die, tbh i perfer to invest my money in a PC that can do everything for donkeys years rather than a small plastic box that plays games, sits under your tv and then for no reason at all dies (red light of death) and becomes out of date 2 years down the line.
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