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News Adobe introduces GPU-accelerated Creative Suite 4

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 24 Sep 2008.

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    imickey503 What's a Dremel?

    27 Sep 2008
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    Good points, BUT your missing the point!

    Out of all those people who got there copy of Photoshop "through illegitimate sources" and "Non approved channels" , How many of those Illegitimately acquired copies are being used for any real purpose of monetary gain OR, making real lousy Photoshop images. The guys on the market that do not purchase the stuff "through illegitimate sources" and "Non approved channels" ,probably never will. And Most Don't even make a economic dent in the world or increase adobes market share either. It just exposes more people to the software and for many (If at a young age) encourages them to go to school amd learn more and then become in essence shareholders & economic Movers and shakers that keep the world spinning.

    bottom line.

    Don't worry about these guys in this market share. At most, He or she will make Some riced up image for friends or a myspace page with lukewarm graphics . The real threat is people in 3rd world country's stealing the software and selling there work to the rest of the world. even undercutting the Independent pro in the states and talking food away from his table and kids.

    Photoshp is NOT like an OS that is made to be easy to use and for everyone. Photoshop takes skill! If You got those chances are, you are the 99% that actually makes a difference and a foot print. Where others just makes funny Faces and use the Fisheye tool WAY TO MUCH!

    their are Some things that you just can't download. For Everything else there is Debit Mastercard :read:
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