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Other Alcoholic Beverages Suggestions

Discussion in 'General' started by Jake123456, 25 Jul 2011.

  1. Jipa

    Jipa Avoiding the "I guess.." since 2004

    5 Feb 2004
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    I had no idea they also do Stroh 80 in large bottles, I've only seen the ,33 litre or somthing...

    But the disgusting. Becherovka! It's one of the very few drinks I don't take even if it was free. And even if you can cope with the taste of 32+ herbs, you'll regret in the morning when besides wanting to die, there's a goddamn herb garden in your mouth. (Kinda like jäger, but even less pleasant)

    My personal favorite drinks are;
    Captain Morgan (dark rum) on coke with lime and plenty of ice
    Gin + Grape lemonade - again plenty of ice, this works particularly well on summers and is hugely popular in Finland (I've understood rest of the world drinks GT, which I hate)
    Plenty of vodka with everything... Orange juice, mainly.

    Not civilized, I'm sure, and someone is going to get upset for mixing rum and gin, but just sue me. That's how I like my liquor :) That said, I have also started to appreciate Laphroaig (and Lagavulin etc for that matter) and proper ciders.

    And like many have said, there IS a huge difference between vodkas, and make sure to taste some proper ones. Either way (and partially due to teenage mishap, I suppose) I mix most of the hard stuff..
  2. julianmartin

    julianmartin resident cyborg.

    25 Jul 2004
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    Yeah....no. Just no no no.

    The majority of the post "£60" wines (and why £60? What a pointlessly arbitrary figure!) are over £60 because they are of limited quantities. Some Burgundies from very small vineyards are made in maybe 2 or 3 barrels only, which give a very small amount of wine. Unfortunately these artisan, very small production wines are often the very best ones as they are made with such diligence and care due to the small amount of juice, and thus become very very over-subscribed. Hence, good old supply and demand, price goes up.

    I'm surprised such an illogical comment could come from some who accepts buying Amarone at under 25 quid is a bit pointless. To extend on that by the way - I don't think Amarone is a particularly good introduction to fine wine, it's a very very hardcore style. For white wine, I would suggest a dry white Bordeaux, which can be had for about £10. You won't find it in the supermarket, except waitrose. For red, I'd look at an italian wine as that's where the value is, something like a Nero d'Avola (which is technically sicilian)

    YES, there are very "hypey" wines, Lafite is becoming that due to far eastern demand, and is certainly not worth the current value, but at an educated guess, the majority of very very expensive wines are expensive for a very good reason.

    As you can guess, I'm a wine lover. I do not however deny that it is possible to get sub £20 crackers, I own many. Likewise I own a variety of other bottles, some upwards of £100 (less of them...). I think the most expensive wine I have ever had the pleasure of trying (not buying!) was about £450 a bottle, and it is quite definitively the most amazing wine experience I have ever had. And to throw everyone off who reckons I enjoyed it because I knew what it was worth, that sadly is not true, I had not heard of it before I tried it and didn't know the cost until about 3 months later when I looked it up to buy some myself :p

    To the OP: please don't drink cheap wine. It hurts the environment and the industry, much more than people think. Try to spend about £10 on a bottle, somewhere like Waitrose who choose very well, and you'll be better of for it.

    I'm with you there - horrendous, horrible, feral, nasty, disgusting stuff.

    I'm not a huge whiskey drinker but I have never understood why people drink that - I guess it's the marmite of whiskey that actually the majority don't like. Mouthful of mud IMO. Would much rather go for something like Aberlour A'bunadh.
    Last edited: 25 Jul 2011
  3. Ending Credits

    Ending Credits Bunned

    4 Jan 2008
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    We sell that for them.

    Personally I still can't handle spirits straight up (although I've only really tried Balvenie since we have tons of the stuff) so I go for a Vodka and coke but whoever invented Whiskey and coke must have hated whiskey and hated coke.

    Beer is my favourite, particularly Czech stuff like Budvar although I've been looking for good spicy beer (Black Isle is good).
  4. Fizzban

    Fizzban Man of Many Typos

    10 Mar 2010
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    I don't agree. A bottle of Gallo White Grenache or Zinfandel rosé wine is less than a tenner (about £6) and Five Oaks Shiraz is £10, and all are rather delicious. Black Tower do some nice white wines, all under a tenner.

    I fail to see the need behind spending exorbitant amounts on wine. I don't ever spend above £10, as everything above that price point tastes like vinegar. Cheap wine Cheesecake.
  5. boiled_elephant

    boiled_elephant Merom Celeron 4 lyfe

    14 Jul 2004
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    This is a pretty good motto if you want to avoid wretched drunken experiences and bad nights out. But you may be pitching your advice the wrong way, Nexxo: so far as I can tell, most of my generation like wretched drunken experiences, and don't consider a night complete if they haven't necked a dirty pint and thrown up on a pavement.

    Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. As for rum, I haven't tried the stuff you named, but the best I've found so far is Mount Gay Extra Old. It's fantastic.
  6. GeorgeStorm

    GeorgeStorm Aggressive PC Builder

    16 Dec 2008
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    Wray and Nephews rum is just nasty! Not a good night.... :p
  7. Nexxo

    Nexxo * Prefab Sprout – The King of Rock 'n' Roll

    23 Oct 2001
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    I suppose you are right --my experience in the more expensive wines is very limited and my wife (who used to be a wine buyer) just put me straight that you get what you pay for, although your mileage may vary. I am reminded of my experience with tea. I once drank an Oolong tea which sells at £245,-- per 100 grammes and it was the most delicious tea I have ever tasted. Until then I did not realise tea could taste that good. So I consider myself duly corrected.

    By the way, Waitrose sells that La Chasse Shiraz I mentioned earlier. It's on special offer at the moment for about £6,--. With a bit of Poulligny St. Pierre cheese it is truly awesome.
    Last edited: 25 Jul 2011
  8. RinSewand

    RinSewand What's a Dremel?

    11 Sep 2006
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    No one's here gone for fruity cocktails! Find some lists, and learn how to make a few. Cosmo's, appletini's etc go down well with the ladies. I'd also suggest trying Baileys, creme de methe, and creme de cacao (one third of each) in a shot glass. Tastes just like an after eight...

    My personal drinking habits tend to revolve around JD & Coke, tall glass, no ice, and Campo Viejo Rioja Crianza - currently on offer at ASDA for £5. That and a fair few fruity cocktails ;)

    This thread has inspired me to return to some types of drink i 'don't like' and see if different varieties appeal though!
  9. EvilMerc

    EvilMerc Minimodder

    1 Feb 2010
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    I still don't understand it. Throwing up in front of people is humiliating and you feel rotten for the entirety of the day after. I enjoy a few drinks, but throwing up is something I find repulsive and for some reason it's acceptable!?
  10. The_Beast

    The_Beast I like wood ಠ_ಠ

    21 Apr 2007
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    I don't drink, it's not that I can't I just choose not too. I'm being an outcast because everyone else in my state drinks all the time.
  11. Black Tiger

    Black Tiger Chineapple Punks

    7 Jun 2011
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    Koppaberg strawberry and lime
    Range of alchopops
    Vodka + energy drinks

    when i go to town/city clubbing with mates, then my night will contain all the drinks, i change drinks depending which bar/club we are at. it makes for a good head :D
  12. Akkatha

    Akkatha *SCREECH!* /run away.

    26 Aug 2009
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    I'm not such a big drinker anymore, but throughout uni (and several years prior!) I drank far too much. As for what I like and recommend:

    Gin - Plymouth is my favourite, smooth but very dry, perfect with tonic + lime wedges.

    Whisky - Tullamore Dew (mentioned in an earlier post), probably the nicest, smoothest whisky I've ever tried. It's beautiful straight up or over ice. I'm a sucker for Jack Daniels too. It may be all mainstream and that but it just has 'that' taste.

    Rum - Morgans spiced or Sailor Jerry's. Nothing fancy but spiced rum and coke is a great cheat drink. Tastes like warming, spicy coke :)

    Never been a big beer or wine fan, but I don't mind a bottle of Koppaberg. Useful to pace out the drinking seeing as I'm a spirits man mostly!

    Oh and Jaegerbombs.... NO. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to mix this brilliant spirit with energy drinks but they should be shot, then hung, drawn and quartered. Jaeger should be drunk neat, straight out of the freezer. Man up! :p
  13. derpooch

    derpooch What's a Dremel?

    11 Oct 2009
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    Flatliner- Tabasco, Tequila and Sambuca, doesn't take many of these to knock me out! Since I am uber manly, I am partial to a Long Island Ice Tea....

    I turned 18 earlier this year and have just gone to local bars on their special deal nights to try a wider variety of drinks for low prices!
  14. Instagib

    Instagib Minimodder

    12 Mar 2010
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    I've had a varied drinking life through out my uni life (sadly outgrown by some 3 years now) and i'd like to empart some valuable points I learned myself:

    Bacon vodka is not a good idea.

    My dad's home brew cider will kill you in a pint.

    Tubu (philippino rice wine) is vile.

    Some blended scotches are better than some single malts.

    Irish whisky is underated.

    Never do a tequila death shot (snort salt, shot of tequila, lemon in eye.)
  15. Tongue-of-Fire

    Tongue-of-Fire What's a Dremel?

    1 Aug 2010
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    The best ciders, by far, are traditional ciders. Good ones to try are:

    *Most Westons Ciders. My favourites include Old Rosie (Still and cloudy) and Stowford Press (Medium Dry). Sometimes you can get Stowford Press import in bottles but it's not as good but if you see Old Rosie in a glass flagon with a picture of a steam engine on the front then you've struck gold because it is lovely.
    *Robinsons cider is also good but really only available around Herefordshire (the greatest cider county on earth!).
    *Failing that cloudy ciders are more likely to be good than regular but it's hit and miss.

    As for more commonplace ciders they are more readily available in most parts of the country but inferior in my opinion:
    *Thatchers (I like Vintage)
    *Woodpecker is very common up north but too sweet for me to tolerate any more than a pint or two

    It should go without saying that Strongbow is the spawn of the devil and should only be consumed if already very drunk.
    As for non ciders, Jagerbombs are great even though they are associated with binge drinking. I have been told that Rum and Tango is good though I don't tend to mix spirits much.
    Also drink responsibly, having turned 18 a few months ago I can assure you that it's definitely best NOT to vomit onto your lap (even if you did think it was going into the Carlsberg box).
  16. BRAWL

    BRAWL Dead and buried.

    16 Aug 2010
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    Have a nice drink to sit down and chug...

    2 x shots of Cherry Sours
    2 x Blue Curacao (however its spelt)
    2 x Vodka

    fill the rest with lemonade, mix and away.

    Failing that. Morgans Spiced/Jagermeister/Jonny Walker Whisky.

    I'm Bit-Tech's usual binge drinker. *finishes off rum and cola*

    Nexxo usually hands out good advice, ignore this bit. If you fancy getting hammered, do it properly.

    However of course, do enjoy having a few drinks that are of fine quality :)
  17. knuck

    knuck Hate your face

    25 Jan 2002
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    Alcohol is like music; no one ever agrees on what's good or not.

    It's just a matter of preference, really.
  18. Houndofhell

    Houndofhell One Particle to Rule Them All

    9 Jul 2009
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    I'm quite into the Kopparberg Pear cider at the moment(student who can't afford to put money on the more expensive stuff even though i'd like to). Not a beer drinker at all i've tried just about all the major beers and some less well known ones and the only ones that appealed were a couple of continental ones.

    Not a fan of wine really although i'll take a small glass of white very occasionally (only time i drink a small amount of red is with a meaty dish at a restaurant with family).

    Now we're onto Spirits my personal favourite is Tequila shots with the salt and lemon although i've been told by housemates that i should watch the tequila as last time i did it, i polished off a whole bottle apart from 2 shots in one night (next day involved ibuprofen and feeling like a bumpy car journey).

    Absinthe i DO NOT recommend, first time i tried it i nearly choked when it hit my throat, second time involved dare shots and jagermiester as well. I had a hangover until about 9 pm the next night and felt incredibly ill.

    On the whole i very rarely drink that much and infact the only drink i have on any regular rate is cider. I only tend to get hangovers when i've done something really stupid(those times mentioned above)

    Those put me right off doing that so as a result apart from cider i don't drink unless going out and even then it's a couple of ciders or a couple of doubles and thats me not wanting any more.

    But seeing as you're 18 you need to live a little and try them all and mix things that it should be a sign of insanity to mix.
  19. IvanIvanovich

    IvanIvanovich будет глотать вашу душу.

    31 Aug 2008
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    My Favorites:
    Vodka: Russian Standard Platinum, Żubrówka, any horilka z pertsem (chilli pepper vodka, hotter the better ie with habanero or ghost chilli).
    Wine: You can't go wrong with Georgian, Romanian, Moldovan, and Hungarian. Some of the best and most under rated wines come from these countries. Crimean Red Champagne is also quite nice.
    Beer: Obolon Bile, EKU28, Delerium Tremens, Saku, Gulden Drak, Tatra Mocne, Kalnapilius Grand, Baltika 9.
    Other: Arak with dates, Becherovka, Unicum, Shōchū.
  20. mansueto

    mansueto Too broke to mod

    31 Aug 2007
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    If your looking for a nice mixed drink that you don't taste much alcohol you can try a pornstar. I've only had the mixed version but there's also a shot. It's 1/2 a shot of Blue Curacao and 1/2 a shot of Sour Puss raspberry or if you do the mixed version its a shot of each and fill the rest of the glass with ice and sprite / 7up. Tastes great, don't taste much alcohol though if you go out with the guy's don't expect them to have any respect for your womanly drink.

    Maybe I haven't drank enough vodka, but I stick to belvedere or grey goose, Smirnoff is gross after having both mentioned beforehand but in general I'm not a vodka guy. It doesn't help that most of the times I drink it's at a party and everyone goes overboard. Numerous shots in a row do not settle well for myself. I've had a few other vodkas but in general they are similar, though as I said smirnoff is gross.

    As for whiskey, never had it, I tried jack daniels once and on it's own I was not a fan so not sure if I should just keep mixing it with coke or try a different.

    I've also never had gin, going to have to give that a try. The basic thing to do with it would be straight or mix it with sprite or 7up i'd imagine?

    Another shot that tastes really good is liquid cocaine, which tastes like cinnamon hearts. I know it's a mix of 2 or 3 things, and I only know 1 of em which is goldshlager.

    For beers I don't really try anything, I stick to the basics here in Canada, Coors or Canadian when we're drinking to get drunk or Corona if it's more social instead of lets get hammered. I haven't tried any darker beers as I hear they are "aquired" tastes and I tried some polish brew once and I wasn't too crazy about it. I personally really dislike those lime flavoured beers, 1 is okay but anything after the 1st and the after taste really begins to bug me.

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