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Modding Almost finished, no name though

Discussion in 'Modding' started by DevOxide, 2 Nov 2005.

  1. DevOxide

    DevOxide What's a Dremel?

    25 Oct 2002
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    Hi guys

    A while since I last visited or posted anything here.
    Just wanted to get you opinions on my latest mod project and maybe
    get some suggestions for a name on it.
    I'm thinking on engraving it on the front of the case.

    A little explanation before the pics...
    It's a rather large :wallbash: case this.
    It holds a triple black ice radiator, a quite long reservoir (tube) and
    the pump and PSU in the upper half.
    I mounted the pump above the PSU and really didn't realise the dangers in
    case of leakage before I was almost finished and had it in a upright position.
    I had a "small" leakage from the pump, which made me see the point :jawdrop:

    Anyhows, in the middle compartment the DVD drive is mounted in addition to
    function as a "stow away" for some cables. I mean to hide these.

    And finally in the bottom half or so the HDD is mounted right above the Mobo.

    Everything is watercooled (CPU, Chipset, GPU and the HDD).

    So a couple of pics:
    More images can be seen here: http://files.odegard.it/public/ModpicsNewBox/


  2. The_Maker

    The_Maker What's a Dremel?

    27 Sep 2005
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    That case gives a whole new meaning to the word "Tower PC".

    Its uhm, very... big... yeah big...
    I do not know what to think of it though, on the front there are symmetrical circles (fans) but on the side panel they look more random so I am undecided,

    I still like it though :D
  3. X_VADER_X

    X_VADER_X What's a Dremel?

    7 Sep 2005
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    HO SMACK!!!! Fit a whole computer in that thing!!!
  4. MiLwOrkZ

    MiLwOrkZ What's a Dremel?

    6 Feb 2005
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    wow.... nice....
  5. pingthepiratehobo

    pingthepiratehobo What's a Dremel?

    22 Aug 2005
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    something along the lines of behemoth, leviathan, my wang- yknow

    that bigass piece of clear perspex seems sortof out of place though, and maybe needs another blue light in the bottom to even things out?
  6. meiv_4

    meiv_4 What's a Dremel?

    19 Jun 2004
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    oooooh looks like the monolith thingy the ape beats on in 2001: a space odysyee
  7. doryakov

    doryakov What's a Dremel?

    8 Aug 2005
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    i think its good name for this pc.
  8. DevOxide

    DevOxide What's a Dremel?

    25 Oct 2002
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    It's big.
    It measures about 150 height x 34 width x 16 depth cm.

    The holes on the upper half of the sidepanels are for the radiator to blow out
    air. As I said it's a triple Black Ice rad which by itself measures about 40 cm I believe. The holes in the lower half is just for decoration and a means of letting
    at least a little hot air sift over the Mobo, no fans there though.
    The only fans in the case is the three on the rad and the one in the PSU.

    I really couldn't figure out any nice way of making the windows in the front panel, so I just made a lot of holes and covered them up with plexi. The radiator
    fans pulls a lot of air so I realized I needed a way of letting air into the case in
    the upper half. Only way of doing this at the stage the case was in at that
    moment was to make some of the front panel holes clean trough the plexi.

    Unfortunately I had a couple of beer when I decided to do this..... :wallbash:
    so I managed to cut these holes in the lower part where there should be
    none, and then ofcourse I had to cut them in the upper half also... :sigh:

    I made a plexi kind of cover panel raised out from the front panel and placed
    it over the holes in the upper half so the air could circulate. This to minimize
    the sound from the pump and internal fan noice slipping out trough the holes.

    I am planning to replace this panel with one in shaded plexi which will go from
    the top and all the way down, kind of dividing the front panel in two with a
    raised panel on top of it.

    Lights,...ofcourse, it seems that the two CCL's in the upper half needs some help, maybe a red 30cm CCL underneath the reservoir tube?
    And in the lower half there will absolutely be lights, can't decide if they
    should be red or blue though...I'm thinking one on each side.

    In the middle compartment (housing the DVD) I will make a alu cover to go
    over the whole area so it's covered up. In this I can mount switches and
    maybe a status display.

    The font panel is actually a door mounted on 3 sliding rails which enables it to
    be slided out to the left, making the interior easily accessible.

    The mobo is mounted about 10 cm above the bottom of the case making
    room for the access compartment where all connections goes (obviously).
    These are then hidden when the door is closed and all you will see is the
    thick cable giong into the case which is all necessary cables braided
    toghether into one thick cable (Power, vga, network, s-video, sound, usb,
    VGA over cat 5 cable...etc).

    I'm also thinking of making a plexi panel to fasten on the DVD drive so that
    it will be more flush with the rest of the side panel.....

    Reason for being:
    I had previously made a cubic case which as it turned out was rather space
    consuming, and I never could get it finished. Besides it was very difficult
    to gain access to all to the various parts for service and/or changes.
    then I received a watercooling kit (with the triple rad) for review, and there
    was no place for the rad, so I made this one.

    It was primarily done to make all parts easily accessible and to actually hang
    on the wall. I made it as thin (depth) as possible so the expansion cards on
    the mobo nearly touches the front panel. The width of the case
    accomondates a normal ATX mobo with a couple of cm to spare because I
    needed those to fit the PSU so it could suck air from the DVD compartment
    (and trough that the mobo compartment) into the upper half where it is blown
    out trough the rad.

    I believe I could have packed it more densly, but then again on the cost of
    serviceability, which relly wasn't an option.

    The whole case is made out of wood, the kind of cover sheets used on walls
    (cant remember the english name for it). The case walls themseves are about
    12mm thick each. By using another material some more space could have
    been gained both internally and external dimensions as an overall.

    The reason these wood panels where used was....price! I actually scavenged
    them from a friend building a house. basically the whole case is made out of
    leftover parts from previous projects and other stuff lying around.
    The only thing I bought specifically for it was the door (front panel) parts
    which I did not have from before, and those cost me only 43.47 USD (plexi

    My previous case which was not turning out a success:

    I will post more pics when I have the time.

    Thanks for the replies btw
  9. Tibby

    Tibby Back Once Again

    9 Oct 2005
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    Wow that is very big,

    sort of looks like a piano top or something.
  10. kiljoi

    kiljoi I *am* a computer king.

    13 Oct 2003
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    Awesome case dude. Just awesome. :rock:
    I vote you name it "Gigantor".
  11. Dark_Bone_04

    Dark_Bone_04 What's a Dremel?

    8 Aug 2005
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    :jawdrop: :jawdrop: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :eeek:

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